Let’s Talk About How to Make Better Money Decisions {Video}

written by Bari Tessler April 26, 2022
Let’s talk about how to make better money decisions

Dear Money Adventurer,

Spring has sprung, and I am loving the fresh energy of this season. New opportunities are blooming, old dreams are flourishing to life, and I am wholeheartedly embracing this season of discovery, growth, and expansion as it unfolds.

So, when Career and Executive Coach Mia Scharphie reached out to me after reading my blog and invited me to talk about how to make more intentional money decisions on her Women and Money Instagram live series, I said “yes.”

In this short and sweet interview, Mia and I explored my favorite tools to bring more mindful awareness, compassion, and personal meaning to how we make the big and small money decisions in our lives. Join us for an impromptu, mini-money date, and watch here to discover:

  • The four-part gut check you can use to make better money decisions (you can start by integrating one step at a time)
  • How checking in with your body can help you in those money decision-making moments (and how to tune in to what your body has to say)
  • The power of debriefing after a money decision so that you can find deeper understanding in the choices you make (and reduce the stakes and pressure you put on yourself to get it “right”)
  • How to be values-driven in how you spend your money (plus – a fun, creative way to bring those values to life!)

I hope you find some encouragement and inspiration here to help you bring more meaning and intention to your money decisions or even just a loving reminder that we are all learning and growing as this journey unfolds.

So keep growing.

P.S. I’m over the moon excited to announce my new Art of Money Mentorship program is opening its doors on May 15th! The Art of Money Mentorship Program is designed for therapists, coaches, and financial professionals. Join the waitlist here.

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