Announcing my NEW Mentorship Program!

written by Bari Tessler April 7, 2022

Dear Money Adventurer,

I’m over the moon excited to officially announce that I’m launching my first ever mentorship program this Spring!!

I’ve been asked to offer some kind of certification training for over a decade now, and I have to tell you, I’ve researched the options like crazy over the years. . . I’ve explored every possible angle for creating an Art of Money certification program for therapists, coaches, and financial professionals but it just never felt right.

And because it wasn’t an emphatic, wholehearted “YES!” it was always a “No.” Or at least, “Not right now.”

Then, after a decade of “not yet,” I turned 53 in January and got Covid two days later. I spent the next month in a foggy haze and worked from bed when I could and consumed gallons of my mom’s matzo ball chicken soup.

When I eventually recovered, I found that something significant had shifted inside of me.

After a conversation with a dear friend, a brand new possibility opened up that I hadn’t been able to access in quite a few years. We came up with a framework for a new program that feels amazingly right and I can’t wait to share it with you.

So, wait, what the heck is this program, who’s it for, and what will it help you with?

Those are such great questions.

Without further adieu, I give you…

The Art of Money Mentorship Program

The Art of Money Mentorship Program (or AMMP for short) is designed for therapists, coaches, and financial professionals.

It’s a 4 month program that will show you how to not only do your own personal money work, but also how to help your clients do theirs.

The experience will, of course, be rooted in the 12 pillars of the Art of Money program (which cover the 3 phases of Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps.)

In the safe container of this small group program, we’ll explore the intersection of financial literacy and emotional literacy.

We’ll take a deep dive into working with your own money stories and emotions (and those of your clients as well.)

We’ll work on how to weave somatic practices throughout all of this work, both for yourself and your clients.

This experience will bring together therapists, coaches, and financial professionals in the same space, to share stories, cross-pollinate, and support each other in the deepening of this work.

But here’s the thing: the bigger goal of this program is to empower you to deepen your own money journey so that you can help your clients do the same for themselves.

The goal is to bring these money healing tools to more of your people.

The Nitty Gritty

Okay. I just saw you flip the box over to the back so you can see what comes in the package. I got you.

Here’s what’s in the program “box”:

  • Weekly Group Calls with enough structure to support your growth (and plenty of room to be spontaneous).
  • Private Members Only Forum. A safe, welcoming space to explore ideas, ask questions, and connect with a support network of your peers. This will also be the community hub where cross-pollination happens across fields and specialties, empowering personal and professional growth.
  • Access to the Art of Money Program Content. The 12 financial therapy modules in the AOM program are the foundation of the mentorship program that we’ll build on and deepen into. (If you’ve never taken my AOM program, you’ll get access to the latest version at a discount. If you’re an alum, you’ll get the latest version.)
  • Plus! Personal Mentorship from me to guide, encourage, and support you along the way on our calls and in the private forum.
  • And more! Founding member perks! (Stay tuned for more details.)

Is The Art of Money Mentorship Program For You?

If you’re reading this email, there’s a good chance that this program could be for you.

You’ll know if it’s a good fit for you if…

⇨ You’re a therapist, coach, or financial professional that wants to go deeper into the Art of Money methodology because you know that when you do your own personal money work, it ripples outwards to impact all of your relationships – and your business, too.

⇨ You’re a therapist or coach who wants to bring more emotional intelligence, supportive tools, and personal practices to help you AND your clients navigate your money relationships.

⇨ You’re a financial coach, financial planner, bookkeeper, or realtor who wants to offer more emotional intelligence and awareness to support your clients (and your personal growth).

Blending body-based exercises, therapeutic perspectives, and practical financial wisdom, this intimate, small group program experience will expand your personal and professional toolbox.

You’ll be able to offer more expansive, compassionate, financially savvy support to your clients. That sounds like a win to me.

When Is It Happening?

Soon, my friend. Soon. Registration to become a Founding Member of The Art of Money Mentorship Program begins on May 15th.

Sound good to you?

If so, drop your name in the sign up form right below.

I am, to say the very least, extremely excited to start this mentorship program, and if it’s a great fit for you, I can’t wait to set sail on this journey with you.

With my dearest wishes,

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