Great News: The Art of Money is Ready Whenever You Are

written by Bari Tessler February 26, 2021
The Art of Money is Ready Whenever you are

Dear Money Adventurer,

I love the connection that we share here. I’m honored to be a part of your world as a storyteller, cheerleader, lover of dark chocolate, and ardent supporter of your personal money journey (whatever that looks like for you).

I’m always excited to share stories of growth with you, however surprising or unexpected they may be at times, especially when they don’t look quite the way we might expect. Because at the junction of authenticity and community — magic happens. When we join together to connect and relate, to support and inspire, we create space that allows our stories to shift and move beautifully into place in a whole new way.

What I share with you here is a delicious taste of the loving encouragement and practical, real-life tools that form the very foundation of the Art of Money.

And I have some exciting news for you today, friend.

You asked if it was too late to join The Art of Money program. Well, in the past, we have only offered open enrollment twice a year.

Now, all of that has changed. We are thrilled to announce that we have officially shifted our program to an evergreen model.

That means you can join Art of Money, get access to the program immediately, and start your one-year cycle anytime.

As soon as you’re ready to get started, you’ll have immediate access to the first module to kick off your 12-month cycle. Not only will you get content and resources, but you’ll also have the safe space, support, and collective wisdom of our community along the way.

Here you can explore our private forum (where all the alumni guides hang out), find guidance and connection, AND join live monthly coaching calls with Bari.

**The picture below is from PattieBelle Hastings, one of our alumni guides in the Art of Money program. PattiBelle drew this during a recent community coaching call for Art of Money members, and I’m so glad that she chose to share it. I can’t even begin to explain how HAPPY it makes me to see this creative visualization of our work brought to life.**

One of our core community values is to allow space and provide support so that everyone can engage with the program in their own timing. There is a clear framework to guide you along your journey, but the path is yours to carve. Our new model allows us to support this concept even more.

Don’t worry, the program itself will be the same. The only difference is that everyone will begin and end their personal Art of Money journey in different places — in just the same way that our individual money relationships grow and evolve. Instead of being stuck waiting for the next launch cycle, you can sign up now, and you’re in. Enjoy the freedom to go at your own pace because you’ve got the next 12 months — and access to content for years to come!

Wherever you find yourself in your relationship to money, you are welcome here.

Pssst… want to bring a friend? This year, for the first time ever, you can join with your partner/best friend/mama/neighbor/cousin and have a buddy to share the journey. We introduced our AOM Buddy rate a few months ago, and the response has been absolutely incredible.

Not only do you both save a little money when you sign up together, but you also have a companion on the new path ahead. Personal support is an integral part of the Art of Money, and we are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity. So, if this is the chance you’ve been waiting for, grab your person and let the adventure begin!

Click here to join the AOM community!

Got some lingering questions about how you can start your own money journey today? You’ll find answers to the most popular questions on our FAQ page (or just hit ‘reply’ to this email, and we’ll help you out).

When you are ready, you can sign up here to join us.

The doors are wide open, and we can’t wait to welcome you.

With our dearest wishes,

The Art of Money Team

P.S. Are you an Art of Money alumni? We haven’t forgotten you! You can still take advantage of your special alumni pricing and, now, you can do it anytime you want! This work is all about honoring you, your pace, and your journey. When the timing is right for you, we’ll be right here to welcome you with open arms (and dark chocolate!). If you have any issues or can’t find your special alumni link, just let us know. We’re always here to support you.

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