You don’t have to do this money work alone.
New friends and support inside…

written by Bari Tessler January 26, 2020

Dear Community,

You don’t have to do this alone.

Deep breath. Let that sink in.

Filing your taxes as a creative entrepreneur for the first time — you don’t have to do this all alone.

Figuring out how to tackle that sweaty-palmed money talk with your sweetie — you don’t have to do this all alone.

Actually healing your resistance and stuck spots around money, so you can hold your head high and fall asleep less stressed — you don’t have to do this all alone.

I repeat this again and again in The Art of Money program, because so many of us need to hear it.

We forget we can ask for help in making a change in our life. Especially with money.

Maybe we’re embarrassed to admit we don’t already know how to file our taxes (even though nobody taught us!) Or maybe think it’s nobler to suffer through it all alone.

Or maybe we’d actually LOVE to connect with others doing deep, thoughtful money work, but can’t find anyone who really gets it.

It is SO wise to find loving support and community. I do it, too!

When I created my year-long Art of Money program, I knew I didn’t want to do it alone.

And I realized that if I didn’t want to do this alone, you probably don’t either.

That’s why I designed the program to have key support for you from an incredible community of like-minded travelers on their own money journey.

Today, I want to take a few minutes and spell out exactly how we go about creating the kind of support in the Art of Money program that can help you make the kinds of changes you want to make in your money life.

Here, then, are the 5 elements that make the Art of Money a place where you can work on your money life with others. No more doing this stuff alone, really…

1. Global Community.

Connect, share, and engage with your fellow Money Adventurers as much as you like within the private community forum.

These are other people just like you. When you get support and give support in a space like this, you’ll feel the opposite of alone. You’ll belong. You’ll be a part of a community that helps you melt away any money shame you might have, and you’ll all be on the journey together. And that feeling? Is gold.

Learn more here…

2. Teaching Assistants.

I hand-picked a team of amazing Teaching Assistants to help me hold a safe, warm container for this global community in our private forum. Some combination of the 5 of us always keep an eye on the forum on any given day, so no matter what’s coming up for you, if you ask for help, we got you.

These teaching assistants aren’t just any ‘ol teaching assistants either. They’ve all done years of their own money work and have had years of helping others in The Art of Money as well as their own businesses.

Take a peek at our teaching assistant support crew:

Jessica Reagan Salzman, Bookkeeping Expert + Financial Coach.

Jessica Reagan Salzman works with small business owners who love what they do, but can’t keep up with managing the numbers side of their business. As founder of Heart Based Bookkeeping, she helps her clients to identify and solve both their practical and emotional challenges of making and managing money. She also offers private consulting as a Profit First coach. Jess lives in Boston, MA with her husband and two kids.

Sonya Brewer, Somatic Psychotherapist.

Sonya Brewer, MA, is a body-centered psychotherapist and relationship specialist where she specializes in creative life and relationship design for “out the box” thinkers (and “feelers”). She loves helping quirky people find their creative voice and express their unique ways of being so that they can feel more alive. Sonya brings a wide breadth of experience including in-depth training in somatic psychology at the California Institute for Integral Studies, and extensive training in trauma recovery through Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Generative Somatics, and Somatic Experiencing. She is a new mom and lives in California.

Andrea Gage, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

Andrea is a Somatic Experiencing® (SE) practitioner, body worker and retired self-defense instructor with a specialty in Boundary work. Andrea has also studied with Jon Young. And, she continues to study with and coordinate for Kathy Kain, a touch instructor of her own special unnamed modality. She lives in California’s Central Valley with her husband Kevin who is a pistachio farmer.

These wonderful women and I would love to walk by your side and help you spend a year creating a healthier, more creative, meaningful, savvy, and empowered relationship to money … and all that it touches in your life.

Learn more here…

3. Guest Teachers.

I’m truly honored to introduce you to this crazy-amazing lineup of guest teachers. I consider each a visionary expert in their field, and I’ve collaborated with them to choose the most potent topic to dive into together.

Why do I bring in guest teachers? Because the topic of money is so vast and kaleidoscopic that no one person can cover every aspect of it. So I bring in specialists who focus on one part of the larger money picture, and let them share their unique teachings and insights to help you.

Here are a handful of topics the guest teachers dive into:

  • How to use somatic tools to help you understand your money emotions
  • How to create money healing rituals
  • How to choose the best bookkeeping systems
  • How to increase your credit score
  • How to pay down debt
  • How to increase your income
  • How to make solid money decisions and start saving and investing for the future

In addition to the robust Art of Money framework from my work (which covers money healing, money practices, and money maps), each month we’ll welcome two guest teachers (and dozens more guest teacher trainings are stored in our archive library.)

Art of Money Guest Teacher Collage 2020

This roster of guest teachers is heart-picked by me, just for you. (And you can see the full list of this year’s guest teachers here.)

Learn more here…

4. Community Calls.

Each month I offer a LIVE, 2-hour Group Coaching Call with me. This is your chance to ask me anything, to share a celebratory update, or to help you get unstuck.

During the calls I give a handful of mini-private-coaching sessions. I can only work with so many folks in each call, but because we all struggle with very similar money challenges, even if I can’t work directly with each person, everyone gets something out of the mini coaching sessions.

And don’t worry if you can’t make all the calls. You can submit questions before each call, and every call is recorded so you can listen in later.

Learn more here…

5. New Teaching Platform.

Every year in Art of Money world, we focus on one or two big areas of the program that will help to make it better than any previous years of the program.

This year, we moved our entire library of the program’s multimedia learning content into an upgraded, state-of-the-art, crazy-easy-to-use online course and private community space.

You’ll be able to easily find your way through each module of the program and see where you left off in the course content last time you were there.

And due to a growing desire of our Art of Money audience to get off of Facebook, we are no longer using a Facebook group for the community support and connection space. Our new platform has its own easy-peezy to use community space that works just like a Facebook group, only…it’s not Facebook.

Learn more here…

And speaking of that community space, it opens up in a few days, on Saturday morning, February 1st, which marks the official start of the Art of Money 2020 program.

So please remember: you do not have to do this alone.

In fact: transforming your relationship with money is smoother, sweeter, and infinitely deeper when you let yourself receive expert, loving guidance and support.

That’s the “why” behind why we add the above 5 elements into the Art of Money experience.

Over the last 8 years of running this year-long program, (+ a decade previously of teaching this work in smaller groups) this combination of support has worked wonders for the several thousands of folks who have been through the journey with us.

If this is all sounding like a good fit for you, I hope that me and my team will have a chance to support you on your own money journey in the Art of Money 2020 program.

You can join The Art of Money 2020 here.

With our dearest wishes,

P.S. The Art of Money 2020 — our year-long money school — starts on February 1st! 

We will not be opening the program again for registration until we open it for the Art of Money 2021. So if you’d like our support now, starting in a few days and continuing for the rest of 2020, the time is now.

We start on February 1st. Are you in? 

Join the Art of Money 2020 here.

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