How speaking her truth helped Keisha
create a fresh money legacy. {Money Memoir}

written by Bari Tessler January 14, 2019
How speaking her truth helped Keisha create a fresh money legacy.

Something magical happens when we dare to get real and speak the truth about money. In this intimate conversation series, Money Memoirs, I chat with people from all walks of life about their money journeys: the good, the tough, the soulful, and the nitty-gritty. We share this beloved series every year to celebrate the opening of The Art of Money, which you can read all about here. Curl up with a cuppa as we pull back the curtain … and get ready to get inspired.

I was drawn to this woman.

Even across a crowded California conference room, packed and bustling with hundreds of high-powered, charismatic women — I could feel her presence.

I wasn’t sure what it was about her, I just knew I needed to talk to Keisha P. Shields.

When I finally interviewed her recently, WOW. I was blown away — and I’m delighted to share our conversation with you today.

Keisha has done her money work, and it shows! She shares:

  • The REAL money issues facing her high-earning luxury branding clients
  • Why she got brave and shared a truth she’d kept hidden — and how it impacted her income
  • The money messages she learned as a black woman in the Deep South
  • How she “chutzpah’ed” her way into earning $90K at 19
  • What it’s taken for her to let go of the “good girl” money mindset and stop overgiving
  • How she’s redefined legacy (THIS is what made her stand out in a crowd of 100 women!)

Keisha shares so powerfully in this conversation: about her gifts, her vulnerable tough spots, the patterns she’s identified, and exactly how she’s overcome them.

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It was an honor to interview her — and I hope you soak up some of her charisma and enthusiasm!

Keisha Shields is a highly-valued personal and business adviser to women leaders and is known for giving her clients huge “aha’s” from the onset of their work together.

A former COO, Keisha has a knack for immediately identifying implementable strategies to help (primarily) women claim the high levels of compensation and recognition that they deserve for the value they bring to the table. Keisha pulls from a wealth of experience in diverse leadership roles to be able to bring clients a viable strategy no matter where they are in leadership, business or career.

A philanthropist and humanitarian since the age of 6, in her early twenties Keisha founded a nonprofit to address the intricate needs of under-served populations whose voices were lost behind clouds of shame, stereotypes and stigmas, working with the state and federal government in doing so.

A voice and story activist and speaker in both grassroots advocacy and legislative policy-making in the human rights arena, Keisha uses her business savvy & her strong intuitive presence and awareness to help clients claim their space as more highly visible leaders, find and own their voices publicly, say what they think without fear, and integrate their personal successes and stories profitably into their work. You can find Keisha’s website here.

P.S. What’s the Money Memoir Series? It’s my unconventional interview series where I sit down with dear friends and colleagues to hear what they’ve learned about money. Because hearing other people get real about money can be SO healing. Un-shaming. Motivating. Downright inspiring.

It’s also a fun way to give you a taste of the kinds of things I help people with (along with 30 guest teachers!) in my year-long money school, The Art of Money.

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