What it really took to launch my book:
My team + buzz + oldschool elbow grease {Video}

written by Bari Tessler August 20, 2018

You might know I love doing interviews — but did you know how rare it is for me to hop on for a video chat?

It’s not just that I have to blowdry my hair (haha). The real reason: I tend to close my eyes during audio-only interviews, so I can really listen in and answer clearly. I have to really feel a solid connection with my interviewer to say YES to a video interview.

But I didn’t have to think twice about it, when Craig Cannings asked if I’d hop on a video interview with him. I knew I’d be comfortable and connect well with him — and we ended up recording a fabulous conversation.

Tiny bit of background: Craig is a dear friend of my husband Forest’s. The two have been in a small (but mighty) mastermind group together for the past four years — all really good men who run family businesses like ours.

Craig runs VA Classroom, an online academy that trains Virtual Assistants and connects them with potential clients. As you’ll hear in our interview, I found my dear VA, Ali Willoughby, through his service.

Plus — another great connection — one of my favorite heart-warming moments about my book was seeing Craig’s family bring it into their homeschooling curriculum. Seriously: my book is helping kids grow the foundation for a happy relationship with money? How cool is that??

In this rare video interview, I get nitty-gritty about what it really takes to launch a book.

Craig and I talk about:

  • My rock-solid, “AAA” team (Angela, Amber, and Ali) and what they all did for my book
  • The anti-formula, slow-ripple approach I take to marketing
  • Why I don’t do “influencer marketing” and how I rely on trusted relationships
  • How I merged a traditional marketing strategy (my book tour) with virtual buzz
  • The latest update on the audio version of my book (what a journey!)
  • How my book and year-long program go hand-in-hand (and why I’d never do a book otherwise).

I loved talking to Craig. Not only is he a genuine, warm guy, he also is a kindred spirit when it comes to authentic marketing and slow, organic business growth.

Whether you’re an author interested in launching a book, a VA wondering how to support your clients better, or simply curious about how I’ve made my book fit into the larger ecosystem of my business, you’ll dig this conversation.


P.S. You’ve been asking, so here we go … We’re starting to gear up for our Art of Money 2019 earlybird registration in mid-October! So if you’ve been waiting with baited breath for my year-long program (or are just a teensy bit curious if it might be right for you), it’s coming along sooner than you think! And of course, we’ll be sharing oodles of rich, clarity-sparking and peace-inducing content to celebrate our doors opening. You won’t want to miss it, friends.

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