Your For-Realzies Last Chance: The Art of Money 2017 is closing.

written by Bari Tessler February 27, 2017
Art of Money program Closing soon

Dear Community,

This is it: your absolute final, quickie, loving nudge:


This is your last chance to join The Art of Money 2017.

The doors are closing on March 1st.

(You can still register right here.)


We’ve kept our doors open even after the program “officially” began a few weeks ago, because so many people had missed the final call, but wanted to join this incredible community money school.

The past few months have been incredibly stressful for many of us. And in times like these, self-care and personal growth often plummet to the bottom of our priority list.

But in times of uncertainty … we must find our own, inner safety. In times of stress, we must learn to resource ourselves, from within. When we feel isolated and ashamed and angry, a like-hearted community can make all the difference.

And when we feel a little lost? A compassionate, experienced mentor can show us the way to clarity, peace of mind, and even a new-found sense of playfulness.

That’s why I’d be thrilled to welcome you into The Art of Money 2017.

If you’re so ready to finally look your money relationship in the eye this year, there’s a whole community — including me, my team of TA’s, and a global cohort of money adventurers from every background imaginable — just waiting to cheer you on.

And … I know it takes guts to sign up for this program. One woman who joined us this year shared that she felt like she was scaling a huge, brick wall of resistance to click “join now.”

Yes, sometimes, doing the very best thing for ourselves feels uncomfortable! But if it also feels supportive and welcoming and exciting … we’re on the right track.


After March 1st, you won’t be able to join The Art of Money until the 2018 class opens.


And by then? You could move mountains, in your money relationship. On the emotional, practical, psychological, and spiritual levels.


Quickie recap … The Art of Money 2017 includes:

  • My entire, 3-phase methodology so you can transform your money relationship in a gentle, sustainable, holistic way
  • Ongoing support and accountability baked right in (weekly Love Notes and Monthly Missions)
  • LIVE monthly teaching and Q&A calls with me
  • Access to our vibrant, global Facebook group (totally private)
  • Support from my incredible, heart-plucked team of TA’s
  • Dozens of incredible Guest Teacher interviews on the many facets of money
  • Access to the materials for the lifetime of the program (many, many years to come)
  • All at an affordable monthly price.

Are you ready? Our doors truly are closing for good … so please join us now if The Art of Money is calling you.


Click here to register for The Art of Money 2017. (The doors are closing on March 1st)


With my dearest wishes,


P.S. You might be wondering: why are we letting people join The Art of Money if it officially started a few weeks ago?

On the one hand, The Art of Money gives you a very clear, baby step-by-baby step, month-by-month framwork. But it is also self-paced to a very large extent. Plus, you have access to this year’s content for years and years to come — which takes the pressure off of finishing it all in one year.

YES, you can still step into the community now and do tremendous inner work and outer achievement this year. I’ve poured everything I’ve got into The Art of Money. And I would be so honored to welcome you into this life-changing journey.

Click here to sign up.

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