Money Healing Takes a Village. (Meet Our Global One!)

written by Bari Tessler January 26, 2016

You peel an impossibly ripe mango as the waves crash sweetly against the desert island you now call home.

It is achingly beautiful here, and you have plenty of fish and fruit to eat, for ages to come. You chuckle to yourself, looking at the trunk of great books that somehow made it there, too: finally, I’ll have time to catch up on my reading! You have everything you need … except the most important thing.


We humans are wired for connection. That’s why solitary confinement is the harshest punishment, in prison, and why even Shakespeare and syrupy sweet mangoes can’t make up for the loneliness on that beautiful desert island.

Yet most people ARE this isolated, in one of the most tender and fundamental areas of life: money.

We feel ashamed about that massive debt or how we’re not living up to our “potential” … but never speak this, aloud. To anyone.

We feel stupid and silly for not knowing how a credit score works or what kind of mortgage to negotiate on that adorable house by the park … but we don’t give ourselves permission to reach out and ask someone for help.

Community is a basic human need. Right up there with water, shelter, and dark chocolate. Being witnessed, encouraged, and guided by wise mentors and loving peers is nothing short of life-changing.

That’s why I have made COMMUNITY one of the core elements of my year-long money school, The Art of Money.

There’s some profound healing you can only get through community support. I have seen this in my group programs and year-long money school over and over and over again:

Community takes a hot insight and sets it ablaze.

Community takes a roadblock and melts it with love.

Community takes someone who feels alone and embarrassed and ashamed about money… and makes them realize what a doggone superstar they actually are.

The Art of Money 2016 begins in 5 days. Our global community is already gathering. Hundreds of money adventures are already on the train…will you join us? (Click right here to get your ticket.)

Here’s a quick rundown of the community support you’d receive if you join The Art of Money 2016:

1. Connect with a global community of kindred Art of Moneyers

Just imagine: a cozy, tight-knit community, where you can say anything (OK, within reason!) and feel not just welcomed, but likely get a chorus of “me, too!!” right back. Our community comes from all income brackets, ages, cultural backgrounds, and professions, but we are all united in our intention to bring healing awareness, smarts, and heart to our money relationship.

I have been blown away by the wisdom and encouragement that happens right in the private Art of Money Facebook group, every single day. And I’m not alone! Here’s how some of this year’s Art of Moneyers have described their experience this year:


Judy Herzl

“I found myself in an incredibly supportive, gentle community that encouraged me to explore, share from my heart and release a lot of old shame. I’m not afraid anymore. Results like earning more, saving more and paying off debt were great. Just as important was building my capacity to understand my needs at any given moment, and to see how often it was rest, self-care, time in nature, creative expression and connection with others, all independent of money. I highly recommend AOM, especially to artists, sensitive and creative people and entrepreneurs because of its right-brain approach. Thank you Bari and Forest for creating such a potent container to explore and transform around money.” ~ Judy Herzl


Mxh9qsrd_qftQsY0bwlVrMVkNGmvsEr96q69MnDAtRnVPGhdf3GViIRj84sS3PpOHHeYny4Py_cAOBMSQycgw-o9g7OS2J-eSXthptjKXHmRtghb-La2_nj67YGII0YdKJ9mIw8F“Prior to enrolling in Art of Money, I thought I had the finance thing down, at least the operational parts of it. However, there were disconnects with how I was living my dreams – the “why” and “why not” – that I didn’t even realize I needed to address until I saw the ad for the yearlong course.  Something about it resonated deeply, and though it didn’t necessarily reflect my style, I’m so glad I went past the surface and into what is deeply rich, prolific and practical content.  And, after a year of experiencing her, I don’t want to minimize the impact of Bari’s unique approach, either, as her gentle, compassionate, non-shaming presence and community created a sense of safety that allowed me to take risks and go deeper than I have before.  Through this work, I’ve been able to move beyond simply tracking and managing my money with diligence, to stewarding my life and finances with love.  AOM was a life-changing experience for which I am immensely grateful.” ~ Jennifer Jackson


lumina and rene (250)As a man with a traditional finance background, I was extremely skeptical of this seemingly feminine and feelings oriented course because I felt like I knew exactly what needed to be done for our financial health.  But through the course, Bari won me over and my perspective has completely changed.  If you are a married couple with young children like we are, and you are wondering if you should do this, I would strongly suggest it.  I have been the money person in our relationship, and I always wanted my wife to care as much about saving money as much as I do.  But I couldn’t get her to see my side of things.  She is very comfortable spending, very different than me.  So it wasn’t a surprise to me that she proposed we enroll in this course. My instant reaction was that we should keep our money in our account instead of enrolling.  I tried to convince her that I could teach her everything she needs to know about budgeting, money, investing etc.  It turns out, Bari was a better teacher for her than I am.  She needed a really kind, gentle approach, and a community of support to engage in money talk …  Bari taught us techniques for being kind to ourselves and each other around a topic that brings up so much tension and stress.  During the course, we paid off all debt completely and are both focused on building our savings.  My wife does it without me nagging her now.  Her inner money manager has been awakened.  Our finances are better than ever before, and we are both involved now.  I’m grateful to you Bari, for helping us connect on this issue so deeply.” ~ Rene Cordova and Lumina Gershfield Cordova



“Thank you to this whole beautiful community for your support, exposing yourselves to the most candid, truthful sharing and holding each other’s hands along the way. Bari, you embody feminine wisdom, gently steering this tribe, without judgement, nourishing us woman-to-women with your considerable experience, from the heart. It’s been such a wonderful journey.” ~ Victoria Penko



“Sonya and I  have now had numerous conversations about money. Numerous! Conversations! MONEY. Lol. As little as a year ago, one of us would say something like, “I think I’ll buy a pack of gum’ and suddenly we’re in a fight about money. Your program came to us a particularly pivotal time because Sonya and I closed on a house at the beginning of June. We are two Black lesbians who have just purchased a home in the SF Bay Area!! THANK YOU for the tools, the resources, the permission! For speaking out loud what many of us wish to keep hidden. ~ Tijanna


2. Get Extra Helpings of Support from 5 Transformational Assistants (TA’s)

I’ve heart-plucked this team to give you even more cheerleading, savvy advice, and insightful guidance. They each have their own domain of money expertise, from women and money to Somatic Experiencing to bookkeeping. They will be in our private Facebook group all the time to help you melt those stuck places, celebrate every victory (so important!!) and keep you moving forward with all the self-care and truth you can muster.


3. Experience laser coaching + gentle cheerleading from me, Bari Tessler

headshot-favorite-500If you join The Art of Money 2016, you won’t just get my teachings — you will get me … and all of my years of experience with financial therapy, body-based practices, and money wisdom. I pour everything I’ve got into this program (that’s why it’s the only one I teach, all year). You’ll get:

  • Laser coaching from me in our monthly group coaching calls (call in live or, if you’re too shy, send a note ahead of time and I’ll answer it anonymously.)
  • Support + cheering from me in our private Facebook group (I’m in there almost daily to answer questions and share love.)
  • Weekly Love Emails and oodles of support materials from me and my team to you, to further expand and support your learning.

We begin the year-long Art of Money journey in a few days. Are you in?

We have already welcomed members from Costa Rica to Luxembourg, Italy to New Zealand (and a whole lot from California, which is kind of like its own country!).

If you’ve ever felt isolated with your “money stuff,” take my hand. You don’t have to feel alone anymore. Receive the support you deserve. Experience the healing magic of COMMUNITY.

Because money work is deeply personal. AND: we’re all in this together.

In awe of what we can accomplish together,


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