A podclass for you: 5 fave tools that Art of Money members love most.

written by Bari Tessler January 22, 2016

I’ve got a fantastic podcast episode to share with you today, but I will BURST if I don’t share this huge news with you first:

It’s here, it’s here … the box of my book galleys arrived!

The moment I opened the box and saw what it was, I screamed so loud, I scared the pants off of poor Forest. That’s why this photo is a bit blurry: I was still jumping and wiggling all over the place, giddy with excitement. And my Facebook page is going nuts with congrats (thank you so much, everyone!).

book galley 2 laughing (550)

This isn’t the final version of the book: we still have two short rounds of revisions with my wonderful publisher, Parallax, before the book goes to print and is released on June 14th. But for now, I can’t tell you how excited I am to hold my book in my hands for the first time. It’s a real, live book!! And it’s so pretty!!

When the book hits the shelves this June, not only will I be a published author (dream come true), it will also make this life-changing methodology accessible to more people than ever before. The book is an introduction to my teachings … but the very best and fullest expression of my work is my year-long Art of Money program, which is open for registration for just one more week. That’s right: Art of Money 2016 starts in just about one week from today!

And if you’d love a taste of The Art of Money, we have a fabulous treat for you today: the final episode of my first Art of Money podcast mini-season!

(I am so proud of this show and my amazing husband for creating it! The gushing feedback the podcast has gotten has convinced us: you all want us to keep going with the podcast, so, we will map out a plan for creating another season once our registration period for The Art of Money ends!)

While most of the previous episodes have showcased stories from my dear colleagues and community members, in today’s show, you’ll hear my voice most of all. I love collaborating with amazing teachers, guides, and experts in money and beyond. My ginormous + ever-growing library of interviews with these dear colleagues is a big part of my year-long money school.

AND … there is a core teaching and methodology that runs through all of this. It’s my personal contribution to the world. It’s the backbone of The Art of Money school. I have taught and honed and fine-tuned this teaching for 15 years, now. And today, I want to share a few pieces of this foundational methodology with you. Because, frankly? It can be life-changing.

In this final episode, I get super-duper-practical and share some of the core tools of The Art of Money, so you can start creating some confidence, peace of mind, and clarity in your money life today. Listen in and hear:

  • The story of one of my biggest failures in business, and how to use failures to find your true worth in the world.
  • The simplest, most revealing and peace-creating money tool I teach. (Easy, incredibly fast, and utterly life-changing.)
  • The big reframe that transforms icky-humdrum bill paying into an intimate delight (What if money was your happy place?)
  • One of my community’s favorite stories: when one of my student’s “inner teenager” threw a fit in the Apple Store (and the genius way she handled it.)
  • More choice gems about tracking expenses, and we hear from one of my fave guys (Yes! There are wonderful men in the conscious money movement, too!)

Right click over this link and choose “save link as” or “save as” to download the mp3 file to your computer.

If you’d love to weave mindful, smart money practices like these into your life this year, I would be honored to welcome you to the global Art of Money 2016 community that’s gathering. (We’ve got members from Costa Rica to Luxembourg to New Zealand and load of other countries so far!)

It’s one thing to read a few articles or listen to some helpful tips about money. It’s another thing entirely to breathe these practices to life in an ongoing, thoughtful way. To delve fully into the kind of money work that changes not just your bank account but deepens your relationships, has you holding your head a little higher, and reveals things about yourself you only hoped to know before. (Like all the things you really are capable of!)

If you’re ready to enjoy this life-changing money work this year, please consider joining The Art of Money 2016. It’s the very best way I know to get you the thoughtful methodology, mentoring from me, and dear community you need to make this work stick, in your life.


The Art of Money 2016 begins in one week (I’m so excited!!).

Once we close our doors, you won’t be able to join this money school again until the 2017 round of the program kicks off.

If you’ve been craving more control, empowerment, ease, and joyful alignment with your money, I would be honored to guide you to those things in 2016.

With my warmest wishes,


P.S. Did you miss some of the earlier podcast episodes? Catch up on all 5 of them on this handy-dandy index page. Enjoy!

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