How to Claim Your VALUE: My Curated Collection of Love + Tips

written by Bari Tessler June 2, 2014

Dear Community,

Everywhere I turn these days, one question keeps popping up. With private financial therapy clients, in blog posts, in coffee shops, and over and over again in my year-long Art of Money community:

How do I KNOW my own value?

Have you wrestled with this one? Or maybe, like many of my students and community members, you’re facing some of its cousin-questions, like:

  • Deep down, I know my value is innate, and never goes away — so why do I keep forgetting that? And how can I remind myself?
  • I know my value goes beyond my bank balances — so what’s the real deal about how my money and my value are connected?
  • If I worked on claiming my value, could I earn more money?
  • How do I set my rates to reflect my value, when it goes so much deeper than dollars and cents?
  • What if I feel like I don’t have enough? How do I work through that?
  • Are there any practices I can do (internal or external) to help me cultivate my value a little more everyday?

ValueOh, these are million dollar questions, aren’t they? These get to the oh-so-tender heart of our spiritual journey and our feet-on-the-ground material existence. These questions span inner exploration and outer action, heaven and earth. They are powerful catalysts. And oh, boy, do I have some things to say about them!

Turns out, I’ve been thinking about this question for years and years. It was one of my main inquiries, long before I taught about money. See, back in my late 20’s, I was working in the mental health field — and even though I held a Master’s degree, I couldn’t afford organic food. What??! Yes. Confusing. Painful. And so common!

For years, I lived these questions: How do I value myself? How do I know my true gifts? How do I grow my sense of value and grow my livelihood … and how the heck do they meet up?

These questions have worked me in my business, in my self-care, as a mama, and as a woman. And I’m not alone. My private financial therapy clients and extended community have all wrestled with these questions for so long, I’ve created quite a few writings on the subject.

So, to serve YOU in your own exploration of value, I’ve created a loving compendium of my writings on the subject. 

These are my favorites — oldies and fresh — about value. Packed with simple tips, liberating re-frames, and loving invitations. Representing a comprehensive view of the subject, from all levels: ultra-practical to emotional to spiritual.

Start anywhere … and enjoy!

  1. I really can’t stand the term “under-earning.” It’s not just about the numbers! With 10 lessons for increased earning and self-worth.
  2. Do You Know Your Own Value? Paradoxical, subjective, ever-changing territory. With 8 mini-exercises for aligning your Value and Fees.
  3. How to Find Enough-ness when You Don’t Feel It. Invitations for my 4 T’s: Trust, Tithing, Thriving, and Thankfulness.
  4. Are you earning too little? This Daily Finance article (yeah! mainstream!) includes my work, along with notes from Barbara Stanny and members of Underearners Anonymous.
  5. Knowing Your Value: My Pinterest Board! My heart-plucked quotes, inspiration, images, and articles.
  6. Overcoming Underearning: My {Audio} Interview with Barbara Stanny. This incredible interview has so many insightful + practical gems around cultivating your value.
  7. Overcoming Underearning: A 5-Step Plan for a Richer Life by Barbara Stanny. Barbara’s book is a classic on the subject — and a favorite in my year-long program.

In celebration of all your sacred questions, in honor of the path of knowing your own value … and with gratitude for the gifts along the journey …


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