Tending your money relationship during the holiday season. Here’s help.

written by Bari Tessler December 20, 2012

How are you doing these days, during this wonderful, and sometimes challenging, season? How are you and money doing these days?

{Hint: help with that below.}

For me, holiday time conjures up so many emotions all at the same time: from deep love, joy + connectedness . . . to deep sadness . . . to deep introspection & re-evaluation . . . and back again to deep joy, rest, rejuvenation, celebration and connectedness.

I welcome the whole range this holiday season. I welcome the rituals, gatherings, feasting, sleeping, visioning, celebrating.

And, surprise-surprise, I also welcome a unique attention to our money relationship as we give and receive gifts, and turn the corner into a new year.

For so many of us, the holidays and new year carry extra tenderness around our money relationship.

I wrote a post about this last year. If you missed it or need some gentle reminders, you can find my Holiday Money Story post here.

Meanwhile, the new year is a potent invitation for review, celebration, clarity, and intention setting. And it’s another tricky spot for many of us in our money relationships.

Here are two articles to support you in the process of reviewing 2012 and mapping out 2013. I wrote these last year as well, and they still ring true for me.

1. Click here for guidance on reviewing the year coming to an end.

2. Then, click here for some invitations for mapping out this bright new year, just around the corner.

This New Year is especially rich for me in my work life, as I’ve said farewell to one chapter and an even bigger hello to what’s next.

I am brimming with gratitude, anticipation, and excitement for what’s coming in 2013, and what transpired in 2012. Next year, I am leading a money movement. It’s called The Art of Money, and you can stay in loop here.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: thank you so much for being a part of this powerful, supportive community of money voyagers. It is such an honor to support you.

With my dearest wishes to you and yours,

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