Big, Huge, Whole-Hearted Recommendation for Entrepreneurs . . .

written by Bari Tessler May 2, 2012
Big, Huge, Whole-Hearted Recommendation for Entrepreneurs . . .

Allow me to gush . . .

In this post, I’m going to try to articulate the massive business transformation I’ve experienced since studying with the one and only Marie Forleo, my business mentor, and the creator Rich, Happy & Hot B-School.

(If you’re immediately turned off by the name of her program, I get it – I was too at first. Read on . . .)

The reason I’m gushing today is because Marie is offering a crazy-valuable free training series right now.

And yes, if you fall in love with Marie & her material, you’ll be able to enroll in her program as soon as registration opens. (And if not, you’ll be leaps and bounds further along in your business, just from the free content alone, truly.)

Before I continue my gush, I want you to know that I’m an affiliate for this program. That fact on its own says so much about how I love this program – I can count on one hand the number of programs/people I’m an affiliate for – I’m verrrrrry choosy about who I study with and recommend.

In Marie’s free training videos, she’s covering simple and brilliant marketing truths, geared towards women entrepreneurs who are committed to service and integrity. You’ll get implementable steps, and big time food for thought as well.

Check it out. 🙂

I know for many folks in my community, marketing is iffy territory. Marketing touches on so much of the deeper money work I do:

  • Am I enough?
  • Can I charge for my gifts, receive money and make a nice living doing what I really love?
  • How do I clarify my real work in the world?
  • How do I get message across in an authentic way (without being sleazy and gross)?
  • And, finally, how can I fully show up in my highest potential, and frankly, kick ass in my deepest calling?

If you resonate with any of that, or experience resistance to “marketing”, you’re not alone. We had an interesting conversation in this facebook thread where I respond in depth. And, Marie addresses this head on during her second video, about what she calls the “Trojan Horse Concept”. Trust me, this resistance is worth exploring . . .

Marketing is important and can be done in unique and creative ways that feel authentic to you. What I love about Marie’s approach is that there’s nothing cookie-cutter or sleazy about it. It’s about finding your voice, your confidence, and the skill to put yourself out there in a savvy and fun way.

My return on investment from B-School has been off the charts. Here are a few highlights of the ways this program has benefited me, my students, and my bottom line:

  • I made my investment back a gillion times over on the external level – implementing her strategies & expertise has increased my earning capacity significantly.
  • On the internal level, the program deeply shifted how I think and feel about my work, and how I bring my message to the world. It gave me the confidence, savvy, and technique I needed to offer my gifts at the next level. So rewarding.
  • The program was instrumental in helping shape my programs and offerings, and vision for the future of my business.
  • A huge side effect of B-School: Through the program, I have met some of my most cherished soul sisters, and have anytime-access to a phenomenal community of inspiring women, and a huge network of top-notch colleagues. You simply can’t put a price tag on that.

Again, this series is 100% free so please enjoy it now, comment and spread the word! And if you fall in love with Marie & her content, I encourage you to take the leap & sign up for B-School as soon as you can.

Click here for access.

With my dearest wishes,

~ Bari

P.S. If you have ANY resistance at all to marketing – I’d like to give you a loving nudge: WATCH this video now, dear friend!

P.P.S. If you have questions about B-School, my experience there, and whether it would be a good fit for you, I’m happy to chat (THAT’s how big a fan I am!). Feel free to schedule a 15-minute “Exploration Session” in my online calendar:

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