No one else feels this way about money?

written by Bari Tessler March 20, 2012
No one else feels this way about money?

Have you noticed that real conversations about money are painfully rare?

Money talk (the deep, transparent + compassionate kind) has a tendency to get stuck in the shadows. Untalked about. Unfelt. Unprocessed. Uncharted.

Our money stories gather cobwebs, tucked away in those gnarly corners of our consciousness. They fill the “unsaid” moments in our conversations. They create little (or huge) cracks in our most intimate relationships. They drain our energy, needing attention and almost never getting it.

Why do we think that, when it comes to our relationship with money, we need to go it alone?

The lone wolf approach to money is not working for so many of us! In fact, if I could change one thing in our collective behaviors around money, I would wish for us to come together, tell our money stories, and heal. Let’s put it on the table, folks!

(By the way, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing here.)

What’s true?
What’s real?
Where is there shame, anger, or confusion?
Where can we forgive, get clear, take steps?
Where can we even laugh & add a dose of fun?!

Please hear this, my dear community:

Whatever your money story, You. Are. Not. Alone.

We all have messes. And successes. And challenges. And victories. Strengths, weaknesses, shadows. We all bring ALL of this to our relationship with money.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not recommending we all scream our most tender money stories from the rooftops, for all to hear!

Rather, I’m suggesting we all find a safe space to air these stories so that they can heal. While some people really do process best in solitude, most of us isolate because of societal & familial messages to keep these matters quiet.

Good news:

Money + Safe Community = Healing

If you’ve been hiding your money story, keeping it quiet, turning a blind eye, and beating yourself up . . .

Please, stop.

  • Pick up the phone & ask a trusted friend to simply witness your money story

Take a step, any step, to recognize you are not alone, dear friend.

Let’s breathe into this complex puzzle.

In community, we can help each other pull apart all of these threads and generate ideas for moving forward. We can ask & answer questions, witness each other, love each other, and un-shame together.

We will find the joy! We will bring tissues and chocolate. We will move mountains, truly.

We need one another in this process of financial healing.

I am so thrilled and excited to be creating a container for us to do this. If the little voice inside is whispering, “I need that. I want that,” please join us. 🙂

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