7 Money Tools

written by Bari Tessler October 3, 2011
7 Money Tools

Today I’m sharing 7 Tools which are at the foundation of the Conscious Bookkeeping method, though you may not have encountered them yet. I was recently asked to be a guest contributor on the Handmade Success blog, and I think you may benefit from what I shared there.

I am very excited to be included as one of their quarterly contributors.  They are amazing and they love to support creative entrepreneurs in creating a successful online business. Check them out.

Ok, on to the article. Enjoy!

Bari Tessler Linden is a financial therapist, coach, and mommypreneur. Founder of the Conscious Bookkeeping Method, she teaches people how to build their own bridges between money, body, mind, and spirit. Along the way, they eat chocolate. Her three-year-old son, Noah, is a chocolate expert too (it runs in the family!) Bari brings practical tools, a wealth of therapeutic experience, overflowing inspiration, and gentle compassion when guiding people towards greater clarity and power around money. She also strives to be a living example of what it means to savor the art of motherhood as she explores her passions and grows her business.

7 Money Tools

Over the last decade of working with my clients and students, I’ve found that everybody has areas of financial strength as well as areas of confusion and challenge. No one’s money story is all positive or all negative. I’ve organized this spectrum of variety by naming 7 broad areas that frame our financial relationships. All my clients and students come to me seeking guidance and change within one or more (or all!) of these areas. I lead them on a journey which offers the gifts of these 7 areas, which can then become lifelong companions.

As you read about these areas below, consider which ones carry the most energy for you. What are the patterns and habits in your money story? Where is the pain for you, and where do you most want healing to occur? Additionally, take note of the areas where your relationship with money already feels healthy, places where you are already doing well. Celebrating your successes is also important!

The 7 areas are not listed in any particular order—there could be no such thing, since each of us has a unique journey to undertake through this landscape. Try these descriptions on for size, but I encourage you to fine tune the meanings or scope of the concepts so they better fit your individual experience. The 7 areas are summarized below and listed right here:

Clarity, Intimacy, Knowledge, Ease, Success, Value and Hope.

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Guest post on Handmade Success’s blog.

Handmade Success teaches creative entrepreneurs how to have a successful online business!

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