To the female entrepreneurs who want to kick some ass…

written by Bari Tessler May 21, 2011
To the female entrepreneurs who want to kick some ass...

A Quick Note: To all of the Ladies (and those special guys)…

If you are ready to kick butt, even more, in your entrepreneurial endeavors…

And learn some outrageously smart & sassy online tools, I have just the program for you!

I have been looking for my next mentors for the last year, searching high and low. And after a lot of research, I finally found my ladies and signed up for Rich, Happy & Hot B-School (Online business school). The program officially starts this Monday, May 16th. Although as soon as I signed up last week, I immediately received a series of great video trainings with essential tips on how to make sure we all follow through with the course material.

I am already feeling more focused, more inspired and have been overflowing with tons of fun ideas on how to best serve all of you. And, the program has not even officially begun.

Plus the energy, support & networking of the fabulous community of online women is well worth the cost of the ticket.

I even already implemented one of their ideas (in my own authentic way) this week when I opened up my private Financial Therapy & Coaching services again. And, I have been blown away by the amount of interest in working with me privately, (I had no idea!)

So, I did not want to go into the weekend without inviting you all to join me!

If you are not familiar yet with Marie Foleo and Laura Roeder, the fabulous & smart online entrepreneurs and teachers of this program, let me help you get acquainted. Please note they like to have a lot of fun (which is simply infectious) and they strike a great balance of flashy-funny with solid, rich and essential content for thriving in the online world.

B-School doors are closing this Monday, May 16th…

So you have the whole weekend to really check them out and see if it is right for you.

Here are a few great videos to watch:

B-School True Stories

B-School – Immediate tools to use

And, to find out all of the details of the program:

From the framework, to the pricing, to the bonuses, check out this great video…..

By clicking right here.

For those of you ready and willing, I look forward to seeing you in B-School!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I will happily respond.

To check out B-School, go here.

P.S. I want you all to know that I am so excited by this program that I have decided to become an affiliate for it. Please know, it is the 4th program, outside of my team, that I have chosen to promote over the last 3 years. I am very choosy about this and want to make sure that the programs are a perfect next step or parallel step to my work. (And have stayed within the topics of money and being an entrepreneur for now.)

P.P.S. Speaking of Affiliate programs…. Do you know that I have one for my Home Study Program?!

I am very happy to say that I finally have a great affiliate program where you all can help me spread the word and receive a great commission as well. I understand that some of my community loves affiliate programs and others do not feel comfortable with this or need this to help spread the word.

So, if you LOVE my work and want to join my affiliate program, I would love to have you.

I am cooking up some fun stuff for my affiliates in the next couple of months…

Sign up for my affiliate program here.

Have a great weekend and check out the Rich, Happy & Hot B-School Videos!!!

With my dearest wishes,

Bari Tessler Linden, M.A.

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