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written by Bari Tessler May 21, 2011


May 10, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever had a gift that was a blessing and a curse?

Read on to learn mine…

I used to do lots of personalized coaching and live seminars. Two and a half years ago when my son Noah arrived, I completely changed my business model so I could be at home with him. I traded live financial therapy with individuals and couples for teleseminars that I could do over the phone. I created my Home Study Program so that people could guide themselves through this work while I focused on Noah. It’s been a great success: my programs are building momentum, and I’ve done it all from home. (Seriously: I haven’t had to leave home for work in almost three years. I’m one grateful mommy!)

Truth be told, though, there’s been something missing. The Home Study Program is supposed to run on its own, but I can’t stay out of our forum. I love interacting with the participants, prodding them to share more, dig deeper, and honor their transformations. But this is a self-directed course, and I’m supposed to be on the sidelines!

I finally got it: I love personalized coaching.

Creating a safe, healing space for people to do deep, transformative work makes me feel alive like nothing else. I love being there in the moment, showing people how to bring more consciousness and forgiveness to their money stories and how they experience value. I love helping couples talk to each other about money, so it brings them closer together instead of driving them apart. And that glow of triumph when a client has done the work and finally feels empowered and hopeful is simply priceless.

I love hearing how people are thriving with the Home Study Program: I’m proud that I’ve created something that stands so solidly on its own. But I also miss being in the trenches with people, helping them get the most out of this work. It’s the fulfillment that comes from doing my very best work, bringing out the best in others, and seeing immediate results. It’s my gift that’s my blessing and a curse.

So I’ve decided to open up a few individual coaching spots. I’m still guarding my family time as fiercely as a mama bear, so I’ve got a strict limit: my schedule allows for 8 clients at a time, no more. (If you’re interested in couples coaching: I count a couple as one client spot.)

Since I’m already coaching four people, this leaves four more spots for now (until others open up).

Depending on your needs…

I offer two different types of individual coaching.

The first is private financial therapy, designed for people (individuals and couples) dealing with their own relationship with money who want personalized support and guidance. This is the quickest, deepest way to address your money stories and align your finances with your goals and dreams.

The second is a mentor coaching to help you become a financial therapist-financial coach, yourself. This is appropriate for therapists, life coaches, financial planners, and accountants — anyone who wants to learn how to support others in uncovering and revamping their money stories.So if you’ve been wondering if this work might be for you — or if you’re excited by the idea of witnessing that glow of transformation in your clients — now’s a great time to take that next step.

If you’re interested, just respond to this email (that’ll go straight to me), and let me know which path suits your work: the private financial therapy or mentor coaching. I’ll get back to you personally and immediately with all the details on what private coaching covers, pricing, and exactly what to do next.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Let’s get started! – Contact me here.

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