Social love. Here’s what happens when I discover Pinterest.

written by Bari Tessler May 10, 2014

Hi everyone!

Two fabulous things to share with you today!

1. Come join our (Pinterest!) party.

When you’re a little late to a party, it’s all the more important to show up with bells on. Right? (And fabulous lipstick. And chocolate for everyone. And lots of great photos to share with everyone.)

Well, I’ve finally arrived at the amazing online party my friends have been raving about. And I’m officially having more fun than I could have imagined! (My hubby snapped that photo above during an all day Pinning marathon last week. I was having SO MUCH fun!)

I’m loving this gorgeous way to organize and visualize my life, teachings, and loves … and share them with you.

Now, I’m not a visual artist. But I AM a highly visual person that thrives on beauty. That’s why I’m in love with creating beautiful visual expressions of the inner work that’s so much a part of The Art of Money. It’s adding a fresh, new dimension to this work.

Take a gander at my new Pinterest page. You’ll find boards for Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps … with images, quotes, and articles that breathe them to life in a fresh way. It’s a fabulous way to learn more about my message and mission … in beautiful, bite-sized ways.

Come join my Pinterest party! 



And I’m not just sharing Art of Money stuff, either. I’ve created boards for other colorful aspects of my life, too: Daily Chocolate, life as a mama-preneur, self-care rituals, wildflowers … and bunches more.

My new favorite thing is pinning photos and articles I love from other sites. Check out this fabulous article on thyroid care, which I recently added to my self-care board.

And ohhhhhhh, how I love seeing all of my favorite dance and movement teachers all in one place! Be sure to check out the most inspiring teachers I’ve had in the movement arts:


Pinterest screenshot550w

So much fun, that Pinterest! And…there’s more:

Yep! We’re also pouring some love into our Instagram page … as well as our YouTube channel (squeeee!).

Plug in to the social channels and send lots of love through them. Check. Roger that. It has begun. Sure hope you come join the fun.

And now, our second piece of big news …

2. Our Video Interview Debut: Forest and I open up about our relationship, money, and more!


As you might know, Forest and I have begun speaking and teaching together about being a couple and entrepreneurs…together…at the same time, in the same business. We were recently interviewed for the powerful Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Conference by our friends Marc David and Emily Rosen.

Click here to watch our playful, candid interview, where Forest and I get real about:

  • Our story: how we met and how we got here
  • How we talk about money, as a couple — and our best tips for you
  • What works for us in navigating different roles: husband and wife, co-parents, and now biz partners
  • What we’re most proud of in our 13+ year relationship
  • Our current power struggle — and how we’re working through it.

We’re so honored and jazzed to be a part of this conference, and we hope you come on over and check out our interview! While you’re there, explore the other great interviews on sexuality and relationships. (It’s all free.) Enjoy!

Whew! That’s a lotta good stuff. Here’s the full roundup of links for you:
Bari Tessler on Pinterest
Bari Tessler on Instagram
Bari Tessler on YouTube
Forest + Bari’s interview for the Sexuality + Relationships conference

I hope to see you there … and share so much love and beauty and inspiration with you!

With my dearest wishes,


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