Couples + Money

Money Love with Your Honey: Four Phases + My Best Tips

In honor of love, of relationship, and the often-gnarly territory when money enters the picture, here is my take on how to create harmony with your honey about money. The concepts and suggestions in this article are the fruits of many years of trial and error with my own hubby, Forest Linden (if you haven’t met my love, check him out) as well as working with the wonderful and diverse couples who have come into my practice over the years.…

February 10, 2012
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My hubby’s bookkeeping confession + Our 1st Collaboration

Dear Conscious Bookkeeping Community, I’m so excited to announce to you my very first business collaboration with my husband, Forest. We’ve put together our heads and hearts and created a  practical and meaningful learning tool for your journey. (Can’t wait? Click here to check out our brand new Wake Up With Mint Course!) If you’re already a student of my method, this is a fantastic new addition to your toolkit. And if you’re new to the Conscious Bookkeeping world and…

August 31, 2011
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Couples + Money Discovery Tool

**This is a continuation of my previous post and it would be helpful to read it first: Have you ever had money issues with your spouse?  Read this… Couples + Money Discovery Tool~ Step One. We need awareness before we can see what changes need to be made or what direction we want to go in. Here is a simple Couples Discovery Tool to help you increase your awareness and build your clarity for the best next steps. Deep Breath……

July 6, 2011
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