Money, Grief, Self-Love + A Wild Adventure: 4 Hidden Gems

written by Bari Tessler February 11, 2015

Dear Community,


Hear that? It’s the sound of me and my little family, putting our feet up and recharging in our Boulder home after our wild-beautiful-crazypants-intense Roadshow adventure and open registration period for The Art of Money.

We are so happy to be home! We’re all recouping and celebrating in our own ways, but for me, I’m treating myself to a few extra sessions with my favorite massage healers to help me rejuvenate after the big work trip so I can be fully present for our large, new Art of Money community. 

And, during all of this, I’m simply blown away by the community that has gathered for The Art of Money this year. We’ve just begun our journey together, and I can already tell: this group is mighty. Not only is it our biggest group ever, with 19 countries represented (how cool is that??), these people are ready for this work. People have already begun sharing and stretching their edges and showing up. It’s an honor and hugely exciting!

If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, there’s still a few more days left for you to join the Art of Money 2015 program. We take a non-traditional, non-aggressive, “soft-close” approach to how we close registration (cause we like breaking traditional online marketing rules), which means that we allow folks to still join for a couple weeks after the program begins. We do this because each time we open the program, a large group of people find out about it a day or so before it begins.

We like to give these folks time to make a comfortable, conscious decision around joining the program, because the program itself is all about making conscious money decisions. But that comfy time is coming to an end in a few days on February 15th, when we’ll close registration for AOM 2015 at the end of the 15th.

So, if you’ve been thinking about joining the Art of Money 2015 community for the journey this year, but have been worried that you missed the train, don’t worry. There’s still a few more days. Just head over here to read more about the program and sign up. (Once we close registration in a few days, we won’t open up again until the 2016 round of Art of Money.)

…So, while our team settles back in after the big journey, I’d like to share with you a few posts of mine you may have missed over the last several months.

A Handy Compilation of My Recent “Guesties” (Guest articles and interviews!) for You to Enjoy …

And oooooh, are these good ones! 

Working with Money After a Loss
with Christina Rasmussen


The last thing you want to deal with when you’re grieving (or going through a big transition) is money. But it often comes up big time after a loss. Here, I share real-world examples, oversized doses of compassion, and a gentle, healing practice to help you through.

Click here to read this post

How to Turn Your “Money Stuff” into a Self-Love Ritual
with Hillary Rubin


What do your hiking, yoga, or meditation practices have to do with money? Everything!! You really can treat your money work as a self-care practice … and this personal story and beautiful interview with yogini Sara Avant (from behind-the-scenes of The Art of Money!) will show you how.

Click here to read this post

Raise Your Hand. Say Yes.
with Tiffany Han


This lively interview has something for everybody — but my fellow femme-preneurs will especially love it. Tiffany and I chat about what to do when you are SO READY to quit your “day job,” how to get started with a money practice, how your Money Story and Life Story intertwine.

It was such a treat to collaborate with these lovely ladies! I simply adore the dynamic process of great questions and fresh responses. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Click here to read this post

Aaaaand … super-special bonus: a fun video montage of our entire Art of Money Roadshow adventure!

This January, my little family and I drove a BEAST of an RV down the West Coast, interviewing amazing community members and money experts, and sharing love, hugs, and money wisdom. The result? A wild adventure, wrought from heart-felt connections, and ending up as a truly unique mini-travel-documentary about life, love, and money.

My incredible and techie husband, Forest, crafted this wee video montage to show you some of our favorite moments of the Roadshow. It’s a little work of art … I’ve watched it countless times … I am so proud of what we did … and I hope it brings a huge smile to your face!

And … stay tuned: later this month, I’ll be sharing the true story of a powerful money decision my hubby and I negotiated during our time on the West Coast last month. I am so proud of the beautiful process we went through, and can’t wait to share it with you all!

With my dearest wishes,

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