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written by Bari Tessler October 25, 2018
Bari Tessler | Money Mochas

Every year, I curate a fresh lineup of Money Mochas for you, and this year’s got some fabulous nuggets o’ money wisdom: how to deal with money emotions that won’t go away, what’s missing from that mainstream money approach (it wasn’t you who “failed”!) to goodies for couples and creative ‘preneurs and more.

Every Money Mocha is a sweet, tiny ah-ha to help you enjoy more intimacy and confidence in your money relationship.

Check out this year’s lineup below! 

Money Mocha #1: Why most mainstream money methods just don’t work.  (And my 3-phase remedy.)

Bring more meaning to your money with this simple tool.

Sit back and relax as I tell you the tale of how I created the 3-phase Art of Money methodology … and how this multi-pronged view of money can help get you unstuck … and create real, lasting transformation.

You’ll hear:

  • Why the “just do it!” approach to money never sticks for long (it’s not a lack of willpower)
  • The ingredient missing from Law of Attraction and other spiritual and emotional money work (they can be helpful as long as you add this)
  • The strange-but-true “origin story” of my Art of Money methodology (including a prayer, an apple orchard, and flip charts galore)
  • An overview of my 3 phase methodology and how it solves the problem of fractured money approaches.

Money Mocha #2: How to Work with Tough Money Emotions.

Will those money emotions ever go away?

Will those tough money emotions ever go away? And how can you deal with them, when they DO come up?
Listen to Money Mocha 2 and learn:

  • How to decode your fight-flight-freeze fear responses around money
  • 7 things deep money work actually can help you do, with your emotions (yes, there’s hope!)
  • The vulnerability my husband had about his own money emotions (so good)
  • My favorite, trusty tool to help you respond to money emotions when they inevitably arise.

Money Mocha #3: Bring more meaning to your money with this simple tool.

Pour yourself a cuppa and relax while I tell you the story of Values-Based Bookkeeping: a simple, profound practice you can start using today.

In Money Mocha 3, you’ll hear:

  • The powerful dream-vision about a red Book of Life that gave me the inspiration for Values-Based Bookkeeping
  • How Values-Based bookkeeping can help you break through resistance, resentment, and shame around money
  • Ultra-simple (but potent) ways to bring more playfulness, creativity, and deep meaning into your money
  • Exactly how you can start using this simple renaming tool today in your spending, earning, and debt repayment (it’s so easy and so powerful)
  • Real-life stories and examples of renaming — and how they helped people get un-stuck and more joyful.

Money Mocha #4: What’s it really take to earn more money?

In Money Mocha 4, you’ll hear clips from my interviews with 3 amazing Art of Money Guest Teachers: Fabeku Fatunmise, Barbara Stanny, and Mikelann Valterra … all woven together with helpful commentary from my smartypants husband, Forest.

Here us discuss:

  • The top subconscious fears that sabotage people’s earning
  • Why wanting to “earn more” isn’t enough — and what to do instead
  • One simple practice to uncover the roots of your under-earning (and see what’s really been holding you back)
  • The “click” high earners all share — and how to get there
  • The un-blueprint method for building a thriving business that includes your “crazy bits”
  • Fabeku’s crazy-inspiring teachings on “money as fuel” and what can happen when you get “un-f*&@d” around money.

Bask in the practical wisdom of 3 powerhouse money teachers and their best tips for earning more money.

Money Mocha #5: How to answer the BIG money questions.

Big money questions

In this Money Mocha, you’ll hear me share:

  • 4 “money koans” from my own life and what they taught me
  • The 3 elegant steps I recommend for solving your own Big Money Riddles
  • The exact set of questions I used when my child was born (big money koan!!) and how it revolutionized my business model
  • How I bring my body into my money koans.

The video for this stirring keynote (from the Gaia Women Lead Conference) has been seen and over 11,000 times to date (which is so humbling and wonderful!) I hope you’ll love it.

Why Money Mochas? Well, first and foremost because I love spoiling you with rich, delicious content! But it’s also my version of a big, celebratory dance (imagine me doing my best Solid Gold Dancer routine) …

Art of Money 2019

The Art of Money 2019 is open for earlybird registration! But just for a few more days…

I’ve poured my entire methodology into a life-changing, year-long curriculum — replete with amazing Guest Teachers, live group coaching calls, a global community, and a gentle, can-do approach to profound money transformation.

It’s called The Art of Money … and in January, we’re starting our seventh year. (Wowzers!)

I know some of you are already a YES to The Art of Money and are just waiting for those doors to open. That’s awesome! This early bird registration is made just for you. When you sign up during this early period, it means you can get started right away, with immediate access to my whole Art of Money library, support through the holiday season with the Holiday 3-Tier Money Map, love notes, and access to the gentle kickstarter call.

And if you’re new ‘round here or aren’t sure whether The Art of Money is your cuppa Joe, our beloved Money Mocha series will give you an excellent taste (a chocolately slurp, if you will) of what the year-long experience can do for you.

Even if you have zero interest in joining The Art of Money or are enjoying these mochas after we’ve closed the doors, I hope you savor every bit of the Money Mochas Series, as my gift to you. There’s such good stuff here for you.

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