From my heart to your couch: the best of the virtual book tour!

written by Bari Tessler August 12, 2016
Virtual Book Tour

Dear Community,

When you create something, and send it out into the world, it stops being solely your own.

Whether it’s a song you pen, a poem tugging at strangers’ heartstrings, or a watercolor open to a million, deeply personal interpretations … our creative darlings become their own entities, and leave our little nests to travel the world, make friends, evolve, and be discovered anew by everyone who encounters them.

This is one of the most surprising, humbling, and exciting lessons for me, as I watch my new book-baby reach the hands and hearts (and mailboxes and Kindles) of thousands of people, across the globe.

On the first leg of my live book tour, I was able to speak directly with so many dear friends (old and new!) about how they’re finding room in their hearts and lives (and businesses and marriages) for the stories and teachings in my book.

But it’s been equally heartwarming to share conversations with people around the world who I couldn’t meet, in person. Interviews, videos, podcasts, and doodles. These conversations are at the heart of my Virtual Book Tour.

Today: highlights from my Virtual Book Tour!

Virtual Book Tour Tara
Tara Mohr {Guest Blog Post}
I’m delighted to be welcomed by the lovely Tara Mohr onto her site! In this Q&A, we talk about the issues I see women facing with money, as well as Tara’s top 3 take-aways from my book.

P.S. I got to hug Tara live in San Francisco at one of my book readings, that was extra special.

Beth Kempton
Do what you love {Guest Blog Post}
I loved this Q&A! I share how I run a business as a sensitive person (it’s a gift and a challenge), why bringing right-brain perspectives into money is crucial, the simple tool that can help us align our decisions with what’s most important, and why I’m NOT planning anything big anytime soon (this is so important!).

P.S. I got to have a morning coffee date with Beth in Portland, who also came to one of my live book readings the night before! (she was visiting from the UK!)

Little Bird Marketing
Little Bird Marketing {Audio Interview}
Priscilla and I talk about money educations, how to get started having real money conversations with your honey (in 30 minutes), how incredibly subjective the numbers can be, and how money can support carving out your own life path.


Dianne DelReyes

Coffee Shop Preneur {Video Interview}
I share stories about how I fell in love with bookkeeping in my twenties (even though it freaked out my husband!), what led to my book, the importance in storytelling with money, and why the time is ripe for this work.

P.S. I got to receive really potent acupuncture from Dianne following one of my Portland book readings. 


Front Row Factor

Front Row Factor with Jon Vroman {Audio Interview}
Jon and I talk about how to balance present-moment happiness with preparing for your financial future, how to break through self-limiting beliefs around money, why it’s about the money (but never just) about the money, and how to teach your kids about money.

Beautiful Astrology

Beautiful Astrology Podcast {Audio Interview}
I enjoy thinking about astrology, but am far from an expert! In this conversation, Melanie brings her astrological expertise to the money conversation — and it’s a lovely match. We talk about how certain times of the year may influence my business, the disastrous first edit of the book (and how we learned from it), and how it took me years to mature these teachings.

The Dutch Review

The Dutch Review! {Video}
Got friends in the Netherlands who wanna hear all about my book? I’m so excited by this review — in Dutch!

British Love with Louise Bartlett

British Love + Doodles {Review}
I’m in love with these hand-drawn doodles and graphics that accompany this review (all the way from the U.K.!) — they bring these teachings to life in a whole new, heartful and artful way!

Sexy Grammar Kristy Lin Billuni

Sexy Grammar {Review}
Oh, I love this no-holds-barred review! “I’ll be honest. Reading this book was both transformative and painful,” Kristy says. And also: “artists, writers, freaks, and cheerleaders, this is the money book for you.”

P.S. Kristi was another lady I got to hug live in San Francisco at my Book Passage reading!


Want all the Virtual Book Tour goodness? Catch up on every conversation right here.


I cherish every one of these conversations. It’s so incredible to see how people are reading my book and making these teachings their very own.

May these intimate stories and sincere teachings serve you and your money journey well.

With my dearest wishes,

P.S. My book is now in its second printing! Join the movement and get a copy from your favorite retailer, right here.

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