Guess who’s on OPRAH today??

written by Bari Tessler June 29, 2016
Bari and Oprah

Dear Community,

This is not a drill. Today, an excerpt from my book is LIVE on Oprah’s website!

Holy. Moly. (Times a kajillion.) To say this is exciting and an honor is the understatement of the year!

Read the exclusive excerpt on Oprah’s website right here.

A few months ago, my wonderful publisher told me that Oprah’s team had expressed interested in my book after receiving an early-release digital galley. My whole team was jumping up and down — but my publisher cautioned us that this didn’t necessarily mean anything, and we shouldn’t get our hopes up. (They also swore us to secrecy!)

When we got the official word this week that Oprah would be featuring an excerpt from the book on her site, my dear husband took to Facebook to share the news — and social media went utterly bonkers about it! To the hundreds and hundreds of people who have celebrated with us before the excerpt even went live — thank you!!

Of course, I’m flattered and excited to see my name and work on Oprah’s site. But even more importantly, I’m thrilled that so many new people will be exposed to this life-changing, deep money work. I know the world is ready to hear this healing message — and Oprah is one of the best people I could imagine to share it!

So … does this mean I’ll be on TV with Oprah?

There’s really no way to tell, at this point, and this hasn’t been discussed, yet. But I imagine being featured on her website might be a great first step!

So if you’d love to see me chat deep money work with Oprah, all I can say is: click on the article, leave a comment, and make sure to share with your friends!

Oprah’s team picked a surprising excerpt to share!

Normally, I introduce people to the Art of Money methodology through gentle, emotional support — like healing Money Shame, working with value, or my favorite somatic tool for money work, The Body Check-In.

But Oprah’s team skipped straight to phase three of my methodology, Money Maps! The excerpt they adapted from my book is the introduction to the core practice of this phase: the Three-Tier Money Map.

If you’d love to read this never-before-seen excerpt from my book, click here! And please leave a comment and share with your friends.

After all the work and birth pains that went into creating this book, it’s truly incredible to see her (yes, it’s a girl!) venturing out into the world, reaching new communities, and making friends.

With so much gratitude to you, my village — and to Oprah and her team!


P.S. Ready to get your copy of the book? The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness, is now available on bookshelves, in select libraries, and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many independent retailers. Click here for details and links to buy your copy.

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