It’s finally here…The Art of Money Dialogues

written by Bari Tessler September 18, 2015

From the moment I switched my business model to a format of running just one year-long program every year (and only opening it once during the year), many of you in the Art of Money community have been asking for a smaller, lower cost program: a way to dip your toes into the Art of Money work…and you didn’t want to wait until we opened the year-long Art of Money program to get it.

Well, the day has finally come. Hot off the presses, we are opening up the doors for a brand new, self-guided mini course on the Art of Money methodology: The Art of Money Dialogues.

Twelve, 60-minute video and audio interviews between me and some of my favorite conscious money colleagues. Super deep, super practical, super useful. Watch or listen to these dialogues online, or put them on your phone and listen to them on the go.

But here’s the thing:

You won’t learn how to “spend less and save more” in this program.

Traditional financial advice is useful, but there’s so much more to our relationship with money.

I’m not a traditional gal and the ways I help people around money are definitely not traditional. Playful, yes. Infused with chocolate, wine, and mindfulness, you bet. But traditional…nope.

I’m drawn to the deeper places, rich with meaning and purpose and value 

I’m drawn to the super practical: put nuts on bolts, tighten them down, get things done kind of practicality 

I’m drawn to the financial apothecary: that place where we can gather things in the basket of our heart to help us heal old money wounds. 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to spend less and save more. But I’ve always felt that there’s something more to the money game; more going on in the depths below the mainstream “choose the best 401k” type of financial advice. A lot more.

So, fourteen years ago, I dove in below the surface and started shining a flashlight on all those places that no one was talking about. And oh my, was there ever a lot going on down there. So much that over the years I started calling in some of my conscious money colleagues to talk about it all. These folks are other non-traditional rebels who are forging a new path to a healthier relationship with money (and they all happen to be whip-smart creative folks, too.)

Many of us often interview each other for our blog posts, podcasts, and online programs. (Dozens of these rich guest teacher interviews are in my year-long money school, The Art of Money.) But this collection of interviews, The Art of Money Dialogues, is a gathering of my favorite interviews over the last year. The best of the best.

Along with an hour-long overview I give of my work, these eleven interviews are a compendium of the Art of Money methodology: a brief but concise summary of many core elements of my larger teaching.

In these far-ranging conversations, we cover everything from bookkeeping software to sustainable investing to spirituality to the meaning of money. There is laughter and lipstick. Transparency and tenderness. And enough deep teachings to fill a whole notebook.

What will you get out of this program?

To start with, these are many of the things that people walk away with after having done some Art of Money work:

  • Clarity
  • Ease
  • Peace of mind
  • Intimacy
  • Knowing your values
  • Claiming your worth
  • Healing
  • Courage
  • Hope for a better future
  • Knowing what bookkeeping software to use
  • Feelings of success (however you define that)
  • A happier, healthier relationship with your intimate partner (if you have one)
  • Tools to use that will diffuse challenging financial situations
  • Deep alignment between your values and your money life

That’s not a complete list by any means, but over the last 14 years, those are some of the most common themes I hear from people who have done this work. If you commit to changing your relationship with money, you will probably see most (if not all) of those things happen for you, in your own way.

There are no guarantees with this kind of work. I can’t tell you exactly what will change in your own relationship to money, but I do know that if you do the work spoken of in these dialogues, you will see positive changes happen in your life.

The Art of Money Dialogues are available starting now, and to welcome it into the world, over the coming week I’ll be sending out a few more emails than normal with a handful of little nuggets of free, useful information that you can start using right away. These nuggets are short clips from some of the dialogues in this course, and as you’ll see, they each have something in them that you can start doing today to begin changing your relationship to money for the better.

The first one is right on this page, where you can also find out all the details of who I interview in these dialogues and what we cover:

Click here to learn the details about the program and see the first nugget.

  Beautiful things can happen when you take the first few steps in changing your relationship to money.

And the best way I know of to begin?

Is to bring simple, pure awareness to it.

Let the money healing begin…

With my dearest wishes,

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