Money Musings, Gold Spinning and Money Dates

written by Bari Tessler July 31, 2015

Dear Community,

I am having an incredible amount of creative ideas lately. I usually like slow and steady, but things are FLOWING over here, and I’m itching to get more of this created and soon. Right now my team is already maxed out with current next steps and our cash flow is at it’s capacity.  So, we are brainstorming on how to add a few more dear folks on our team to help implement all of this goodness. One idea is to bring on our first paid intern in the Fall. (Let us know if you know who this person is).

Behind the scenes we are also getting very close to sharing a new product with you. It’s a lower price point than my year-long money school, The Art of Money, and will be a wonderful way to enjoy the Art of Money teachings with me and some guest teacher friends. After that we’ll start working on creating our new site. You know when you are SO ready for a new space, a new design, a new look and feel?! I’m beyond ready and can’t wait for my team (I’m looking at you, husband) to dive into this creation.

And, here’s one of my new little-big ideas…

I’m calling them Money Musings. They are little moments when I share my own money journey and experience of living the Art of Money work. Though I share these on social media (mostly on Facebook), I just haven’t had a name for them yet. Whenever I share these musings, it seems to ignite some new ideas, understanding, perspectives and next steps for people on their money journey, and that makes me SO happy.

So, today I’m sharing a few money musings plus some extra bits of heart-picked, curated content for some inspiration.

1) Money Musings…

Money Musing #1:
My self-care spending right now has really increased. Acupuncture, chiropractic and massage…I’m needing a lot of it right now. Meanwhile, in the clothing department, spending has come to a halt, and surprisingly, I feel totally ok with this.

This is how I find a healthy balance with my spending. Some months I increase in one category (depending on needs, wants, desires, values and priorities) and I decrease spending in another category, based on the same.
It seems so simple, but it hasn’t always been easy or natural for me to do.

I’m grateful that after years of watching my financial numbers closely that I’ve been able to find some healthy balance with my spending seasons.
I’m so grateful to be living this work.

Money Musing #2:

Our son noah saved his allowance for 5 months! (That’s the equivalent of 4.72 years in 6 year-old time.)

He just hit $100.00 and we’re celebrating over here. We supported him to try and save until his 7th birthday and he actually did it!

On his 7th birthday, Forest and I, as well as the grandparents, will match his savings and he’ll get the lego sets that he has been drooling over for a year.

We are SO impressed with our little saver. Neither Forest nor I were saving as kids!

Money Musing #3:

Ah, that feels good. Today, I cleaned up two little money leaks that have been on my list for while.

I was having emotional attachments to them, but today’s the day to let them go!

Closed down my Paypal Pro account and my Audio Acrobat account.

I use other tech tools for the same thing. That’s $85.00 per month that was being wasted.

More for the savings or my chocolate account now. (Wait, you do have a chocolate account in your budget, right?) All of these baby steps add up!

They do, they do. Always fine tuning my money practices. Woohoo!

2) Let’s start a Money Date movement…

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.14.49 PMTHIS made me SO happy to see on Social Media yesterday!

I was tagged on Instagram by Denise Ellis Stewart.

She shared a photo of her Money date scene (that included some wine and chocolate).

I love hearing that Money Dates are happening and I’ve been wanting to share more photos of money dates happening in the wild for a while. Denise inspired me today.

So, here’s the deal: if you do a money date, either alone or with your honey, please take some selfies or pics of the scene and share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!

If you share on Instagram, please tag the pics with ‪#‎moneydate‬ and ‪#‎theartofmoney‬. If you post on Facbeook, tag me on your post (I’m Bari Tessler Linden on Facebook). If you don’t tag your post, I won’t get to see them, and I SO want to see them!

I always encourage adding some fun, sacredness and chocolate to the experience.
I love hearing from folks that this makes such a difference with all things related to money.

Denise said that this was her first money date, that it made bill paying so much easier, and that she hoped to bring in her husband for future money dates. Such a beautiful thing!

Want some tips for doing your own money dates? Have yourself a read of this: How To Take Yourself on a Money Date.

Blessings on your Money Dates!

3) My most recent guest interview, with Briana Saussy…

This interview was a private interview for her Spinning Gold community. It’s a year-long program for ritual arts and I am one of the Guest Teachers. So many of her folks asked if they could listen to the interview on money healing and money practices (because, well…SO many of us have money issues!) that we both decided to share this with you all.

Please enjoy! It’s a great interview on the Art of Money methodology and an overview of my journey.

Click here to listen to the interview.

A week after our interview, Briana just happened to be visiting Boulder for one day and we got to have a coffee date. Oh my, we just talked and talked and talked! Two peas in a pod. I love this woman.

Bari + Briana

Aaaaaand, that’s a wrap everyone. Hope you enjoyed these quick little bits of money musings and resources!

I’m filled with gratitude that you are all part of my community.
Sending my dearest wishes to you,

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