Mommypreneur Musings . . .

written by Bari Tessler March 1, 2012
Mommypreneur Musings

As my family and I emerge from the nasty virus-turned-strep that had had us all down for the count, I’m giving lots of thought to this mommypreneur business of mine.

As you know, my work centers around our relationship with money. However, it’s reach is wide and expanding. The money doorway can take you almost anywhere you want, or need to go.

Lately, one of the places my work has led me is mentoring and speaking on being a creative entrepreneur and/or a mommypreneur. I keep getting asked how I’ve crafted my business model, and how that plays into the rest of my life (including supporting me through curve balls like the entire family being down for the count with a virus!)

I’ve been thinking about how each of us can design a life that integrates all of who we are – and can hold us as our lives, circumstances, and priorities are in flux. And now . . .

My Mommypreneur Musings on how I’m shaping my ever-changing life & business . . .

#1: Kids get sick. And sometimes . . . moms do too.

I used to be one of those people who “never gets sick”. Then came my boy, Noah. As any mom I know can attest, no matter how strong of an immune system we had before we had children, once our little ones come along, our sleep decreases, off they go to germ camp (pre-school) . . . and sick happens.

#2: Work-Life Separation Doesn’t Work For Me In The Same Way

I used to have very clear, strong boundaries between my professional and personal lives. That changed when I became a mom. Although I do like to separate my business days and mommy days so I can be fully present for each – there are many ways in which the lines between my business & life have grayed.

Recently, I received the most amazing compliment from a dear friend, reflecting this in the kindest way. She wrote: “I have such a strong awareness of how integrated your life is. Your work is YOU being YOU. It is so inspiring to me. And, I strive to integrate my creativity in a similar way.”  Wow, thank you, Lorna. And you go girl!

If we’re friends on facebook, you’ve seen that unlike many business owners, I’ve made a choice to have one account, which merges my personal & professional presence. Part of this is about my desire to have an integrated life. Part of this is just my need for simple. Ah, yes – simple, wherever possible.

One moment, I’m posting a new article or offering, the next I’m showing a goofy picture of my son, and the next I’m sharing the sometimes-vulnerable, recently-snotty reality of our household.

I’m a mom. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a woman who loves chocolate. It’s all one me.

#3: My business model had to change (again), and I’m so grateful for what’s now in place.

I’ve been in business for over 10 years, and have transitioned in and out of many different business models as my life has shifted and evolved.

I used to oversee a whole team, had a business partner, and lots of overhead. It was perfect during that time of my life.

Once I became a mom, long hours and “working harder” were no longer an option. Instead, moms learn to work smarter; we become more savvy and efficient.

During this very challenging week, I have been so grateful for the business model I now have in place. And, even compared to a year ago, I am in a much better place to get sick and still have the show go on!

I now teach via three evergreen programs to support my community on their own time, at a lower investment than working with me privately, and I can attend to the rest of my life and business.

I guard my time like a fierce mama bear, and only work with 8-10 individuals and/or couples for Private Financial Therapy at a time. In this new business model, all of my work is online and over the phone, so I can do great work while being close to home while my son is young.

And, last year I brought on my right-hand woman, Hannah, who keeps the ship running when I’m down for the count, or my boy needs me.

#4: The show must go on. At the same time, we have to know when to cancel.

Last year, I wrote this post about the necessity of listening to our bodies (and businesses) when they tell us to rest. While this is still true, I’ve also learned the ways that we sometimes need to push on and keep showing up.

My hubby, Forest, has been such a trooper this week. I watch him with awe and admiration as he squints through feverish eyes, determined to keep creating his amazing new business, The Tech Husband. “This won’t stop me” he says.

As for me, I posted this on Facebook a couple days ago:

Aha! Came back from the docs office a little while ago and now I know why I have not been interested in eating chocolate all week….I have strep throat. I was just starting to feel my mind and heart coming back today and now it’s time for my body to follow….Also, I just gave a session to one of my dear clients while I have strep throat. I was whispering a bit more, talking in those low soothing tones that are nice, actually, when talking about our relationship to money. It is so important to me to continue to provide a high level of care + service to my private Financial therapy folks. And, I really check in to see if I can serve in the best way or if I need to rest. It is a really interesting fine line as a therapist/coach when we are under the weather…although I am committed to finding the best way with this…to serve all of our body, heart, mind and spirit’s in the best way.

I think the key is to ask the question – what’s being asked of me right now? This week, I’ve taken lots of naps. And done laser doses of great work, while much of my business runs without me.

#5: Support, Support, Support.

No matter how your life is set up, I’m constantly reminded of how much we all need support systems in place.

I am beyond grateful to have huge support in the 3 main areas of my life (and choose to invest a good deal of money into them as well!)

  1. Family ~ We are so lucky to have two amazing grandmas, who fly out every 3 months or so to whip our household into shape. Can’t imagine this week without my dear mother-in-law, Maggie.
  2. Business ~ my right-hand woman, Hannah, keeps the ship running when I need to rest. Last week, I was able to hop on the phone with her for a few minutes and go back to bed while she implemented like crazy! Get support. It’s a game changer in life and business.
  3. Self-care – acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, chocolate. I typically shuffle them around to fit into my monthly financial picture. Right now, I am really working on being more consistent here so I can strengthen my immune system again as a mommy.  The airlines got this one right: Put on your own mask first before assisting others.

These are all the ways I’m shaping my life. And, it will change again no doubt.

Now it’s your turn:

  • What are you doing?

  • What is this inspiring in you?

  • Which of these areas do you need to be fine tuning and shaping right now?

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