You and me. June 2015. Enneagram and money workshop + beach party.

written by Bari Tessler April 19, 2015

Hey there,

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I love-love-love the Enneagram. There’s so much it can help us with in our personal lives, and I’ve heard countless stories from people in the Art of Money community, telling me how much using the Enneagram has helped them on their money path.

Yup. I gotta say it. Using the Enneagram for personal growth and the Art of Money for changing your relationship to money: it’s like using chocolate and wine together.

It doesn’t get much better than that. Wait. Actually, yes…it does. A live Enneagram workshop with teachings about money a few blocks from the Pacific ocean in Santa Cruz, this June. Plus, a huge discount off the cost of the workshop, just for you. NOW we’re talking.

You, me, Ben Salzman (my favorite teacher on the Enneagram and a frequent guest teacher in the Art of Money), several other teachers, a crew of sparkly Art of Money community members, and my hubby and son.

All of us (meaning, I’m hoping you’ll come too) will converge in Santa Cruz between June 25th and June 27th, 2015 for a deep dive Enneagram workshop, led by Ben.

Ben will teach, I’ll teach a segment, and a few others will teach as well. I’ll be participating when I’m not teaching, right alongside everyone else.

And if the weather is good, there WILL be an Art of Money beach party, complete with playing puppy dogs, kids running around, a beach fire, chocolate, wine, and of course a lot of laughing and connecting next to the ocean waves.

In Santa Cruz, right next to my husband’s favorite place to surf, there’s a big, white light house. This email is me standing on that light house with a big, red megaphone.

I haven’t taught at a workshop like this in 7 years (much less stood on top of a lighthouse shouting into a megaphone.) It takes a lot to get me out of my house to teach and participate in an event like this, which means the event has to be really, really special…and powerful…and heartful…and authentic. This event is all that, and more.

If you value personal and spiritual growth in multiple dimensions of your life, come meet me in Santa Cruz at Ben’s Enneagram workshop. You can get all the details about the event, and a special coupon code to get $300 off the event price (bringing the cost down to $397 for two people, or $697 for one person), by clicking the link below.

  Click here to get all the details and sign up for the workshop

We’re so grateful to Ben for offering this amazing discount for folks from the Art of Money community! It’s making it super easy for people to come, and they’re coming!

Bring a friend, use our coupon code (which you’ll see on this page) and you’ll each only be paying $200 for an amazing, three-day Enneagram workshop. I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Sure hope to see you, hug you, and have fun with you in Santa Cruz this June!!

Dearest wishes and chocolate kisses (yes, that’s a little corny, but I’m rollin’ with it),


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