AOM Roadshow Ep 8 – How to Turn your Money Life Into a Work of Art: My Top 6 Favorite Tools and Practices

written by Bari Tessler January 25, 2015

One week from today, something big is happening.

Hundreds of people are gathering for it. From 14 countries (and counting!). Some have done it before. Others are brand-new to it. They’ve told me they’re excited, nervous, thrilled, not-sure-they’re-really-ready, and oh-so-sure-they’re ready.

What is it??

In 7 short days (on Feb. 1st), The Art of Money 2015 begins!

This is my beloved, year-long money school. For individuals, couples, and creative entrepreneurs. For folks brand-new to my work AND veteran students. It’s my complete methodology, lovingly poured into a year-long framework. With mentoring from me, fantastic Guest Teachers, oodles of community support, and all the love and resources and shoulder shimmies you can handle. All at an affordable monthly price.

If you’d love to bring more honesty, smarts, and compassion to your relationship with money in 2015, my team and I would love to support you.

Curious? Have a read our beautiful program page (and look at the fabulous Guest Teacher lineup!) right here.

Meanwhile … I know many of you have questions about me, my work, and the Art of Money program.

I love your questions!! You, my dear community, are such a thoughtful and creative bunch. So I thought I’d share my answers in the most thoughtful, creative way I know how …

An Introduction to the Art of Money Method 

This video’s overflowing with real tools and practices you can use to start shifting your relationship with money, today. And you’ll get to see me in my teaching zone: funny, quirky, smart, playful, and passionate! You’ll see me talk about:

  • A beginner’s-friendly overview of the entire, 3-phase The Art of Money methodology
  • How-to’s for my 6 favorite money tools + practices that you can start using immediately
  • My story, and how my student loan bill led me to falling in love with money practices (shocker, I know!)
  • The 7 “money areas” that lead people to this work — and why there’s hope for each one
  • My favorite mini-practices for claiming your value, and why “charge what you’re worth” is bullshit
  • How you can apply lessons from yoga, hiking, or meditation to your money practices
  • How to completely redefine budgeting, so it fits YOUR life and values, right now.
  • How to start talking to your honey about money, when you can talk about anything EXCEPT that
    How to take yourself on a “money date” — and why chocolate is key.

This video has so much incredible, helpful content, everybody. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it for you!

(Oh, and heads-up: this was originally an intro video for an online symposium, and was recorded via Skype video, so the video quality isn’t as great as we’d like it to be)

Join The Art of Money 2015

If you enjoy this overview, you’ll love the full version of this work. In The Art of Money, we take a full year to journey through this methodology together — with my guidance, Guest Teachers, an amazing community, a treasury of resources, and so much loving support.

Remember: The Art of Money only begins once a year. And the 2015 journey begins in less than a week, on February 1st!

Click here for details + registration for the Art of Money 2015.

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