Great shoes and good friends: A photo travelogue of my Emerging Women NY trip.

written by Bari Tessler October 26, 2014

Hi everyone! I’m writing to you today from my mama bear den, where I’m resting like crazy after an amazing trip to NYC. And I’m so excited to tell you the story, show you some gorgeous photos, and share just what went down on my trip.

This trip was a Big Deal.

I had the honor of being invited to teach at Emerging Women in NYC — a power-packed gathering of wise women. It had been my dream to speak there ever since I attended as a participant in Boulder last year … and it was such an exciting opportunity to share my Art of Money work with a bigger crowd. Wowza!

It was also a big deal because I rarely leave my happy little home.

I love my family, I love my mountain trail, and I simply love being cozy. This was the longest time I’d been away from home since my Noah was born in 2008. (And I really don’t like to fly!) So, you know: if I’m leaving home, it’s really, really worth it! And was it, ever worth it!

Two weeks ago, I emerged from my happy home, bid my family and mountain a temporary goodbye, and hopped on an airplane for NYC and the Emerging Women Event.

Noah love sandwich.

noah love sandwich - blog

Here’s my little family saying our goodbyes at the airport. Forest and Noah woke up early to drop me off before Noah went to school that morning.

I’m that woman walking through the airport with tears streaming down her face after saying goodbye to my loves. (I just love my boys so much!) See you soon!!! ‪#‎newyork‬‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎love‬

Me and my angel, Rebecca.

rebecca airplane - blog

I wanted someone to hold my hand during the flight — because airplanes freak me out! So my sweetheart of a girlfriend, Rebecca McLoughlin, bent over backwards to be my flight angel. She hopped on a 5AM flight out of San Francisco to meet me at the Denver airport and fly to NYC with me. What an incredible love! So grateful.

Landed. This calls for a Pinot Noir.

wine ny - blog

Once we arrived safe and sound in NYC, it was time to relax. I thoroughly enjoyed a perfect Italian meal … with a glass of red wine. (Of course!) And, best of all: the lovely company of my dear friend, Rebecca.

The next morning: one of my favorite little pleasures! Breakfast in bed, delivered by room service. Ahhhh. I love indulging like this when I travel and stay in a nice hotel. I’m loving NYC, y’all!

Sister mastermind posse … NYC-style!

posse - blog

We finally meet, in person! After 3 years of knowing these ladies online — and coming together this year as part of an ultra-potent, 4-some mastermind group — I got to hang out with Jennifer Elsner and Lisa Byrne! (We were missing our fourth, Christina Rasmussen. But she was there in spirit!) We took the subway (!) and dined at Prune.

Brené Brown in da house!

Brene Brown in the house - blog

Brené Brown gave the opening keynote, setting the stage for the entire Emerging Women weekend. She gave teachings and shared stories about her groundbreaking research on vulnerability, shame, gratitude, and authenticity.

Hearing her speak reminded me of the importance of teaching and telling stories in my workshops (well, of course!). I finalized my workshop outlines for the weekend after her talk.

Pssst … I imagine most of you have watched her Ted Talks. But if you haven’t, please: give yourself the gift of watching them, now!

Getting ready to give my first workshop!

grey dress- blog

I love my grey speaker dress! Here I am, a few hours before going onstage, getting ready to do my thang …

I did it!

speaking- blog

Here I am, giving my workshop on the Art of Money. There were 100+ women in the room. Ages 25-65. It was filmed. The room was electric and super fun.

Tons of women came up to me afterwards, sharing how my teaching affected them. They called it life-changing. Women in their 50’s and 60’s said they wanted to bring their daughters into the Art of Money journey with them.

For me, it was incredible to step out, shine, and share the Art of Money mission with a whole new community of women. I got to do it two days in a row … and I LOVED it. Yes, yes, yes!

Sexy shoes!

shoes- blog

When I shared this shot on social media, everyone went crazy over the shoes! So sweet. Looks like my inner New Yorker was able to channel some great shoes.

I’m so happy and proud of the experience. And I’m so glad it was filmed, because I’m really hoping I can share the video with you all at some point!

Being a mama-preneur on the road …


I FaceTimed with my boy every night, so he’d go to sleep. (Love you, Noah! Sweet dreams … ) It was really hard to be away from my boy … but so wonderful, at the same time. Ah, the life of a mama-preneur.

Dominique Christina: A crazy-amazing poet.

dominique - blog

This woman blew me away. Her words: visceral, incredibly deep, and so satisfying.

The way she told stories, shared her own inner process and how she makes sense of everything, how she’s constantly working through her past, present, and future, her journey as a woman, her lineage from mama and grandma … it was all powerful and illuminating for my own identity and my own stories.

A little more on her: “Dominique Christina is a self-described ‘colored girl with stars for eyes.’ She is also the ONLY person to hold two national titles for slam poetry at one time and is the ONLY poet in history to win the Women of the World Poetry Championship twice.

Learn more about her and her first full-length poetry book (new this year!) on her site, right here.

At the speaker party with some lovelies …


I got to hang out with musician Katie Gray and performer Gemma Wilcox at a gorgeous after-party.

Oh, Danielle LaPorte.


She is always inspiring to me. As a woman. And as an entrepreneur/artist.

A few of my other fave speakers …


Wokie Nwabueze is dear friend … and just confirmed she’ll be a Guest Teacher for the Art of Money 2015! Yes!

Wokie is a communication strategist and conflict resolution expert who teaches professionals how to develop the interpersonal communication skills, confidence and presence necessary for success and organizational health in business. You can learn more here: 


Zainab Salbi was a powerful, important speaker for me. I needed to hear her story. Her strength and vulnerability. Her life lessons. And, I needed to be present to her … and let her in as a sister — and an Iraqi sister.

Zainab is an Iraqi-American humanitarian, entrepreneur, author, and media commentator who has dedicated herself to women’s rights and freedom. At the age of 23, she founded Women for Women International—a grassroots humanitarian and development organization dedicated to serving women survivors of war.


Chi Yvonne Leina. A strong woman. Every word that came out of her mouth was filled with power. I was really touched by her story and her spirit. 

A Cameroonian social entrepreneur and digital media change maker, Chi Yvonne Leina crusades against negative cultural practices such as widow harassment and breast ironing, which affect 3-4 million women and girls in West Africa. Today, due to her Stop Breast Ironing awareness campaign, over 20,000 women and girls have sworn to end the practice across the Cameroon. She is employing technology, music and video to spread awareness and grow the campaign. Learn more on her site, here.

Emerging Women is such a unique event.

I love how it weaves together both well-known, inspiring speakers, in my world (like Brene Brown and Danielle LaPorte) and lesser-known speakers working towards social justice issues for women. It introduced me to some incredible women who are having huge, positive social impact on social change issues. I so dearly want to be more a part of this!

Me + Miss Bad-Assery, herself: Chantal


Here I am with Chantal, the Founder of Emerging Women. She put on a hell of a show. This was at the very end of the event, as she was heading off to a date with her husband.

Art of Money Reunion! (These ladies convinced me to stay one last night …)


I was thinking of flying home early, because I reallyreally wanted to see my guys. But I decided to stay — and am so glad I did!

It was so special to meet with all of these women. They have all been a part of the Art of Money community. One woman took one of my original courses, back when it was called Conscious Bookkeeping, in Berkeley 11 years ago! It was the perfect cherry on top of a fabulous weekend.

Shown with: Wokie Nwabueze, Eileen Flannigan, Leah Bray Nichols, Rebecca Lewis McLoughlin, Tracy Willard Matthews, Jessica Reagan Salzman and Lisa Gallo.

Celebrating the end … with my gorgeous ladies!


Oh, how I love these women! I’ve known them both for a few years now. We had such good connection and conversation! I loved our time together. (With Rebecca McLoughlin and Tracy Matthews.)

Heading home … with a heart full of love.


Here I am, getting ready to fly home. I’m wearing my t-shirt from the Love Apple restaurant in Taos, New Mexico. It felt like the perfect image for my journey home.

I loved-up my flight home with: sound-cancelling headphones, the perfect new book (This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett), and some good chocolate (of course!). After a better-than-expected flight, I made it home safely.

Home, Sweet Home.

noah hug-blog

Ah. I’m home with my beloved family again. And enjoying my daily hike on my dear mountain.

Typically, I like lots of space between my work endeavors. But there’s no slowing down for me right now! I’ve stepped into the fullest work-time, ever. In the history of my work.

We’re full steam ahead with our Art of Money Symposium with en*theos. (In case you haven’t heard about this incredible event: I get to interview my personally hand-picked money experts, for a totally free, 4-day event! It goes live November 7-10. Scoop up your free pass right here.)

Entheos experts-blog

So, I’m recording at least one interview per day for this event. Plus a full load of private financial therapy clients. And pouring love into my Art of Money 2014 community. And overseeing my team. And putting the final touches on our early-bird opening for the Art of Money 2015 (coming soon!!!).


I am full. And it’s all good, exciting stuff.

So, I’m finding balance, at home. Having weekly biz planning meetings from bed with my wonderful husband. Laptops and big white comforter, yellow leaves falling outside our window, mochas and paleo pancakes and audio meetings with our team. We’re steering the ship from our cozy bed. Husband and wife. Queen and King. Partners in Biz-Magic.

I am HOME. And I am grateful.

Blessings to all of your on your journeys,


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