Mommypreneur Wellness Profile:

written by Bari Tessler May 5, 2011
Mommypreneur Wellness Profile:
This post is part of the Mompreneur Wellness Profile Series. Each profile features a Q & A with a real, authentic woman sharing her successes and struggles with incorporating wellness into a busy life.

This series highlights that wellness is part of our life journey and contributes to our success as a mom and entrepreneur. I want to get away from the images and beliefs that wellness is about perfection. I believe that wellness is a journey that evolves and adjusts, depending on what our priorities are. The journey can be easy, at other times an exciting adventure, and at times we may be armchair travelers!

Bari Tessler Linden, Financial Therapist, Coach & Mommypreneur

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I spent a decade as a body-centered therapist and earned a master’s degree in psychology before founding the Conscious Bookkeeping method and organization in 2001.

The business started as a one-woman operation and then grew into a cross-functional Alliance Team that included a half dozen other accounting, psychology, coaching, and investment professionals. We’ve had the honor of supporting thousands of students through our 3 Doorway Method: Financial Therapy, Values-Based Bookkeeping, and Life Vision Planning.

In 2008, when I had my son, Noah, I successfully evolved back into a one-woman rockin’ show as a mommypreneur. I updated my business model in order to honor the importance of spending lots of time with my husband and son. In 2011, I launched the Home Study Program. This program is based on a decade of teaching the Conscious Bookkeeping method via live workshops, telecourses and private sessions. It is a deep and supportive dive into the realms of money, body, mind, and spirit. I truly cherish the opportunity to be your guide~

Married? Number and age of children?

Married to Forest Linden – together for 10 years!

Our son is Noah Linden, age 2.5 years old.

Where do you live?

The wonderful town, Boulder, CO

What role does nutrition and food play in your life?

I love food! And, I grew up on a typical American diet and had daily stomach-aches. In my early 20’s, while living in Israel for a year, I learned about a macro-biotic lifestyle. And, the combination of some somatic therapy + eating whole foods eliminated my stomach-aches. Over the years since, I have experimented with vegetarian and Paleolithic eating and find that I do better with a diet of organic meats (fish, chicken, grass fed beef & lamb), some grains, vegetables, fruits, goat cheese and of course dark chocolate.

Tell me about one strategy/action you have for self care.

Hiking! The combination of exercise, nature + creative thinking time is very supportive and nourishing for me.

Tell me a strategy or tip you have for feeding your family healthy foods.

I am working on this one! We eat healthy but I know there is always room for improvement. Recently, I joined a local class to help me learn more about nutrient rich foods. I have already started steeping my own nettles and drinking a few ounces of the tea a day to get all of that wonderful chlorophyll. My husband is not so excited that I smell of weeds-nettles.  But he has certainly noticed that I am cooking more and loving my new meals like: a big pot of lentil spinach soup, quinoa + broccoli + salmon and grass fed burgers with kale + sweet potatoes. And, I add part of our meal to Noah’s meal of rice noodle mac-n-cheese (for example) and encourage him to eat it all. And, we talk with him about the good energy & strength food brings him and how it helps him ride his bike better.

Do you have a favorite wellness resource, philosophy or food that inspires you?

Dark chocolate  is the food that inspires me. And, just a healthy lifestyle with balanced eating & exercise compared to a rigid diet. Also, the nettles is really inspiring me!

Do you exercise regular? If so, what do you do?

YES, exercise brings me sanity, peace of mind & healthy digestion. I have been exercising consistently for years. What changes over time is the level of exercise and how hard I push myself. Since I had my son, Noah, I seem to be more in maintenance mode more than a ‘training’ mode.  Currently I do weight training 2x week at the gym and then hike 3 – 4x per week. I used to a lot of African dance and some yoga and I am trying to figure out how to add both of those back into my life.

What have you struggled with, in terms of wellness, as you have been building a business and raising a family?

Sleep! I am still co-sleeping with Noah, which we both love, but not getting full nights of sleep Not having the energy to exercise in a really strong way Not as much alone time via baths, books, massage – and I adore all of that.

How do you feel your health and wellness contributes to your business? Your creativity? Your family?

It is simply so important & essential to me to be doing at least a medium level of self-care while I parent, run a business + maintain a healthy marriage and friendships.  It is a challenging balance with a 2 year old but it is a daily conversation with myself. And, I can feel that just my increasing my attention in this area by taking the local nutrition class, I am moving into a higher level of self care and it is quickly increasing my energy, creativity & inspiration in my business, in the kitchen, in my exercise + other good areas!

Any special promos or particulars regarding your business you’d like me to add?

I am offering free samples of my work via a recording of a teleclass (a fabulous in-depth, overview of my Conscious Bookkeeping philosophy and method) + a great excerpt from my workbook and class audio both geared to helping you understand your money patterns more clearly.

To scoop up those samples, sign up for my Free Taste on my site:

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