Share Your Story With My Dear Community: Guest Post Submission Guidelines

I’m so happy you’re here!

Thanks so much for taking an interest in connecting with me and my community. I’m devoted to every person in my community, and committed to sharing amazing, helpful, empowering, uplifting, intimate, smart, and soulful stuff with them.

And: I can’t do it all on my own! The global conscious money movement is growing. And it needs all the love and smarts and un-shaming it can get!

“Money” is a huge, multi-faceted topic that affects so many areas of our lives, from parenting to spirituality to sex to food, and on and on. I need your help to illuminate these oh-so-important facets of our money relationship.

There are two main ways to share your wisdom with my community:

1. Money Mentors:
For my colleagues, extended professional family, and dear experts of all walks of life. Think: guest teachings from an eclectic group of powerhouse thinkers, on everything from student loan debt to ritual to body-based practices … and more. Share via the written word — or hop on the phone/Skype with me for an interview!

[toggle title_open=”Close Me” title_closed=”Learn more about Money Mentors submission guidelines here” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default” excerpt_length=”0″ read_more_text=”Read More” read_less_text=”Read Less” include_excerpt_html=”no”]Share your unique expertise and perspective with my community!

I’d love to chat with you if:

  • You are a recognized teacher, speaker, coach, writer, healer, blogger, or creative entrepreneur.
  • You’ve got a specific realm of expertise (be it meditation, debt consolidation, parenting, or Authentic Movement) and see intriguing ways it intersects with conscious money work.
  • You’re excited to get honest about money.
  • You’re committed to making the world a better place, in one way or another.

You are welcome to submit a written article OR contact me for a phone/Skype interview.

For written articles:

  • Original content only, please.
  • The meatier, the better. 500-2500 words. Whatever you need to give it your all.
  • Please double-check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Please include a headshot and brief (3-5 line) bio.
  • Be generous. While this is a great opportunity for “cross-pollination” between your community and mine, please be committed to giving people value in this post. Glorified sales pitches will not be accepted.
  • Be helpful. Big ideas and soulful inspiration are wonderful! Please also include actionable “baby steps” my community can take to put your ideas into practice.

Please send your submission, headshot, and bio to: [email protected]

For phone or Skype interviews:
I lovelovelove interviews! They’re my favorite medium for creative collaboration, and I consider interviewing one of my “superpowers.”

Here are a few of my favorite interviews, for your inspiration:
Barbara Stanny on Overcoming Underearning
Filmmaker Katie Teague on the Macro Side of Money
Heather Jarvis on Student Loans
Ben Salzman on Money + The Enneagram

To be considered for a Money Mentors interview, please email us at [email protected] and include:

  • Your name, a link to your website, and a brief (3-5 line) introduction to your work.
  • A short description of the topic you’d like to discuss with me. Money and … what?
  • A few key questions you’d like me to ask you in our interview.
  • Your preference for phone or Skype.
  • Your headshot and brief (2-3 line) bio.

Please allow my team up to a week to review your submission. Then we’ll get back to you about whether or not doing an interview with you feels like a good match, and if it is, we’ll schedule our interview.

Thank you so much for your interest in sharing your expertise with my dear community! I can’t wait to hear about you and your work.

2. Community Voices:
For members of my dear community. The global conscious money movement is made up of people just like you — and sharing your story is so healing. Think: intimate, empowering stories, straight from your life. From overcoming money shame to getting out of debt to healing your money relationship with your honey to creating a powerful money-ritual — if it helped you, it will help others!
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Be complete: We love meaty posts! Take the time and space you need to share your story. That might be 500 words — or it might be 2500.

Be honest: Tell your story! If it falls under one of my three phases of money work — Money Healing, Money Practices, or Money Maps — it’s welcome here. Is there one, powerful, pivotal experience you had with money? Did you overcome debt, shame, overwhelm, guilt, fear, or confusion? Did you start using a budgeting software and notice transformation beyond your wallet?

If you caught our Money Memoirs series in the fall of 2013, this will be similar — but instead of answering questions from me, each post will be a focused, crystallized story unto itself.

Be helpful: Share in the spirit of service. Each submission should inspire, uplift, or empower. That doesn’t mean glossing over the challenges and emotions you’ve been through, but it does mean sharing the hope on the other side. Get honest about your feelings so that others know they’re not alone. Getting vulnerable, raw, and real is so welcome here. But getting blame-y, hateful, or vindictive is not.

Be you: Trust us: sounding like you is by far the most interesting way to go! You don’t need to put on airs or sound like an English professor, here. Get honest, be you, and speak as you would to a group of smart, understanding, and curious friends.

Be original: Please share original content, only. If it was originally shared elsewhere (on your own blog, for example), please revamp it for our community.

Be a pro: Please include a short (3-5 line) bio, and a headshot. You may also include 1-2 suggested article images; please send images you own the rights to — or include proper accreditation. Please check and double-check your post for spelling and grammatical errors. And please format it for the web, if you can (keep the paragraphs short and include headlines to break up the text).

By submitting, you also agree that we reserve the right to slightly edit your post for content, clarity, and length.

Be understanding: We will only share submissions that we think our community will truly love and find helpful. This means: we will not accept every submission. If yours isn’t picked, please understand and know that we still love you!

Be a team player: If we accept your submission, we hope you’ll share it far and wide!

Please send your submission, along with headshot, article image, and brief bio to: [email protected]

Thank you so much! We can’t wait to hear your stories!