The Macro Side of Money – Interview with Filmmaker Katie Teague

written by Bari Tessler November 24, 2013

Golden Nugget #4. The Macro Side of Money.

As most of you know, my work focuses on what we might call the “micro” money relationships. The ultra-personal, soulfully deep, individual stuff. It’s inside out work. It starts deep within your own psyche and body and daily life … then ripples out to your close relationships and couple dynamics … then farther out to your community and calling … and finally on to larger systems and economies.

This is my approach, because it makes sense to my body-heart-mind. Eventually along my path, this led me to ask questions about the “macro” view of our money relationships. The grand, sweeping, systems views. Global economics and historical trends.

All that big, fascinating stuff.

I started asking questions about the “macro” side of money for myself — but also to serve you, my community. Because this is rich territory, filled with game-changing-ly big ideas. Things that can radically change how we see money and its role in our lives.

For the “macro” approach to money, I go straight to the experts. The economists and visionaries and Big Thinkers. People whose minds work in this meta, systems view way. For years, I’ve been inspired by the work of people like Bernard Lietaer, Lynne Twist, Christopher Houghton-Budd, and many others.

And then I discovered Katie Teague and her incredible film, Money and Life. To date, I’ve bought five copies.

I’ve watched it and re-watched it, because it’s one of those amazing films that’s so rich, you simply must re-watch it again and again.

This amazing documentary was five years in the making. It asks big questions, and weaves together the current economic crisis, planetary interconnection and wellness, the origins and evolution of money, personal practices, and so much more. It includes interviews with some of today’s greatest visionaries in “macro” money work, including Bernard Lietaer, Lynne Twist, Jacob Needleman, Vandana Shiva and so many more.

Today, a huge treat: One of my All Time Favorite Interviews.

I’m simply thrilled to introduce you to Katie. We recently connected over the phone and recorded one of my all-time-favorite interviews. We talk about her surprising life journey (she’s a psychotherapist-turned-filmmaker!), why she was called to make this incredible film, what she’s learned from the experience, how she now defines money, and much more.

I hope you love the interview, and that it inspires you to think about the bigger picture of your money relationship in a new way. And I absolutely hope it encourages you to watch this amazing documentary! 


Money and Life movie website

Big News! We’re bringing Katie and her film, Money and Life, into the Art of Money 2014, as part of a new class on the macro side of money. Just another amazing reason to join the Art of Money journey. Click here for all the details and registration.

I think the global, “macro” money conversation is so important — and I’m thrilled to welcome such a delightful leader into our community. Thanks so much to Katie for adding her voice!

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