Life Lessons

Life reflections on my 50th birthday.

Today, January 3rd, is my 50th birthday. It feels like a big milestone. Not just a big birthday, but a big moment in my one beautiful life. So on this day, I want to honor my 40’s by sharing some of the big highlights of this past decade. I realize this is self-focused, but hey: I’m 50 today!! So indulge me a bit, if you like … and hopefully there will be something in here for you, as well —…

January 2, 2019
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I share a good amount of my personal money life publicly. As a Financial Therapist and creator of the year-long Art of Money program, it feels important to me to share some of my personal money stories. I want to show people that I, too, am “walking the talk” that I teach day in and day out around money. You see, there’s so much secrecy and shame around money. And as Brené Brown says, “shame cannot survive being spoken.” That’s…

December 19, 2018
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You know what gets my goat? (And not the kind of cute, cuddly goat that you’d feed graham crackers, either.) It really gets my goat, this idea that if you’re not making HUGE SWEEPING ASTONISHING CHANGES OVERNIGHT that you’re not doing enough. Maybe you haven’t heard anyone say those exact words. But this idea is there, just below the surface of our cultural conversation. Taking a gentle walk everyday isn’t enough — you’ve gotta go hardcore and pump iron 5…

November 9, 2018
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