How to resolve everyday conflict with relationship expert Jayson Gaddis

Dear Money Adventurer, What do you do when a disagreement with your sweetie about spending devolves into you shutting down while they want to hash it out? Or when a miscommunication around expectations with your business team results in terse emails and an awkward atmosphere in your small business? How do you handle a communication breakdown with a dear friend when you’re both harboring feelings of hurt and disappointment? Conflict is an inevitable part of being human. But, just like…

September 20, 2021
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How to Overcome Money Shame

Dear Money Adventurer, Welcome to a new Money Mocha –think of this Money Mochas as a finance-focused, chocolate-covered clarity delivered straight to your inbox — a perfect pairing with that first, delicious sip of your morning coffee (or favorite cuppa)!  Whether you’re just beginning to engage with money consciously in your life, or you’re a seasoned traveler advancing along the path of your money journey, the simple tools shared here have the power to dramatically shift your relationship with money…

September 14, 2021
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Have you ever been on a money date money mocha

Dear Money Adventurer, Today’s Money Mocha is an invitation to look at money a little bit differently. In a world that doesn’t really talk about money, we’re most familiar with the practical side of money – this is where we take action, pay our bills, manage accounts, and plan for the future. These things are such an ingrained part of our lives that we rarely stop to think about HOW we do them. Do you put off paying your bills…

September 7, 2021
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