The power of naming your money emotions

Dear Money Adventurer, Learning to be present with the personal, emotional side of money can be challenging. Especially when you’ve spent your entire life learning to push your money emotions aside, bury them, or turn them into evidence of your mistakes and shortcomings. It can be scary to peek at the shame and pain we’ve swept under the rug for so long. You aren’t alone. Money emotions are a normal part of being human. Even after spending almost half of…

February 29, 2024
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Dear Friends, Have you ever been in a conversation where you thought it would be about one thing, and then you realize, right in the middle of the conversation, that it feels like your life is about to make a major, exciting change of direction? Well, that just happened to me last week on a Zoom call. In this particular call, I was chatting with a fellow financial therapist about life, my Mentor Program (which she had taken last year),…

February 16, 2024
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Dear Money Adventurer, Every single day of our lives, whether we realize it or not, each one of us is writing our own unique Money Story. Yet, no matter how different our journeys may be, there are certain themes and questions that we all struggle with at some point or another. And when we realize that we aren’t the only ones facing these challenges, the burden is a little easier to carry. That’s why I share these money teachings– because…

February 1, 2024
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