Bari Tessler

Hi, everyone! I’m bursting with excitement … today’s the day! We just opened the doors to my year-long, global money school: The Art of Money 2020. YESSS! Oh yes, oh yes! You can now sign up for my year-long global money school, The Art of Money — for a short time. If you’re ready to create a more heart-grounded, values-in-action, on-your-game and in-the-know, swagger-in-your-step and sleeping-like-a-peaceful-baby relationship with money in 2020 … this is for you. I created The Art…

October 16, 2019
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Once a year, something scrumptious and rich happens ‘round here: our beloved Money Mochas content series. (Free and delicious, of course.) Money Mochas are rich mini-jolts of money peace, love, and chocolate — which you can enjoy in the time it takes to sip your morning cuppa. After all: short ‘n sweet can be truly deep … and a bite-sized idea is sometimes just what you need to shift your money relationship into a little more clarity and empowerment. Every…

October 11, 2019
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A little update from Bari

1. I grew up in Chicago. When I saw mountains for the first time as a teen I knew I had to live amongst them. I have lived in Boulder, CO since I was 24. I also spent some time in the Bay Area of California where I started my Financial Therapy work. (But lately I have been craving city again) 2. During my 20’s I trained as a Somatic Therapist at Naropa University and have a Masters in Somatic…

October 2, 2019
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