Let’s Celebrate 5 Money Moves From 2020 (I’ll Go First)

written by Bari Tessler December 18, 2020
5 money moves baby steps you can make today

Every year I share my fave year-end money ritual.

(I shared the full version right here.)

I want to give you a first step if you aren’t ready for the full money ritual, yet.

Here we go…

List out a few small to big money steps that you want to honor and celebrate this year.

Yes, this was a hard year for many of us, there were many challenging money curveballs, and there are also some money moves to honor and celebrate as well.

I’ll go first and share a list of some of my own.

*We finally got our son his own checking account – he’s 12.

*We stopped paying for private Montessori school and are now homeschooling our child.

*No travel and a lot less dining out so lowered expenses there.

*I learned how to cook and bake – saved money.

*Donated/Redistributed more $$ this year.

*Paid off the IRS debt that we had from our audit (we were paying $500.00 per month) for a year.

*Got rid of some money leaks. Canceled our landline, which was $100.00 per month. Cancelled my old teaching platform and email system which was $250.00 per month. Goodbye Infusionsoft and Customer Hub (after 10 years)!

*I had a cash flow dip in income beginning of the year and was able to make some adjustments in my program offering that increased my income at the end of year.

*Got a new revenue stream this year from my audiobook finally being published.

There’s more but that’s a good start. And, I could share additional details on all of this. But my intention here is to get you thinking about your own baby steps and money moves this year and to list them out.

So, I invite you to carve out a little time for reflection, light a candle, always get out the chocolate (or your equivalent), list out 5-10 little money steps and money moves you have made this year, and then celebrate.

If you want to do the longer money ritual, head to this post: My Fave Year-End Money Ritual.

I hope to hear that you have taken this first step and I would love to hear any of your baby step celebrations.

With dear wishes,

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