Edgy. Uplifting. Heart-opening. Guess what’s coming…!

written by Bari Tessler January 8, 2020
Art of Money 2020 Money Memoirs

Drumroll, please … (with happy dances and some celebratory chocolate!) …

Money Memoirs are coming back in just a few days!

Oooooh, get ready.

If you’ve been around awhile, you know that every year around Art of Money headquarters, it’s a tradition to publish a new series of intimate money conversations, and you’ll know how good these are.

And if you’re new to the community (hi!!), you’re in for a totally different kind of treat.

Hear real, raw money stories. The kind we usually don’t even have with close friends.

In this unconventional conversation series, I sit down with brave people from all walks of life and ask them intimate questions about money: what they learned about it growing up, their biggest struggles and triumphs, what their growing edges are, and much more.

Intimate. Heartfelt. Often hilarious. Utterly unusual.

I love breaking this taboo and talking about money!

You’ll hear from a few money experts — but mostly, this is real talk with real people, from different backgrounds, who’ve done their own money work.

Hearing people get honest about money … is surprisingly powerful.

Suddenly, we feel less alone. We get inspired. We heal and forgive and have compassion for others more (or less) fortunate than ourselves.

One of my very favorite ways to teach is through intimate conversations packed with authentic stories. And that, in essence, is what these Money Memoirs are all about. Teaching and helping you through storytelling.

This year, you’ll hear from 7 incredible folks.

I’m so grateful for their courage and vulnerability. They each inspired me and opened my heart in their own ways, so I can’t wait for you to hear their stories!

This year, I’m so thrilled to bring you deep, rich money memoir conversations with:

~ Toi Smith: It was a delight to interview the tenacious Toi Smith, a Business Strategist and Creator of the Game Changer Fund for visionary black women. I have long admired her online. She opens up about what it’s really like supporting four boys as a solopreneur and single Mom, all the ways gender roles in her family were untraditional throughout her childhood, and how she figured out (and raised) her rates! Toi has done a lot of therapy-fuelled money work as a single parent and black woman raising her family without child support, and it shows.

~ Manisha Thakor: Manisha is a financial powerhouse, with many a TV appearance to her name, who is on the cusp of turning 50 — with so much wisdom to share in her bright, brilliant and thoughtful way. We talk divorce, financial literacy for women, and how visiting family in India + growing up in a money-savvy, feminist family shaped the way Manisha stewards money. Plus, we delve into too-often taboo topics like the impact of mental health on money (including her recent diagnosis), and the similarity between dieting and budgeting.

~ Christina Rasmussen: Christina’s a well-known author and group educator on grief, and in this no-holds-barred, incredibly intimate conversation, she gets SO real about growing up poor in Greece: including the huge challenges and gifts of a history she has never before shared publicly. She talks about the money and mindset shifts she’s made as she nears 50; and how her relationship to money has shifted and evolved as she journeyed through soul-shaking loss, left the security of the corporate world, and grown her acclaimed counseling practice.

~ Randi Buckley: In this open-hearted interview, we delve into how Randi transitioned from soul-sucking jobs into running a business she adores; older motherhood; how to enforce elegant boundaries when it feels difficult; what caused her to dig a consumer credit-shaped hole for herself in her 20’s, and the lifelines that helped her begin to climb out of it. The 3 key things that helped Randi get out of debt will be helpful for so many — as will her sage teachings on self-kindness.

~ Cait Howerton: This Millennial Financial Planner is savvy, smart, real, and relatable. Hear how she supports the LGBTQ+ community around money, how her parents’ financial struggles impacted her view of money in relationships (hint: she’s uber-careful!), the immense challenge of coming out as queer in a small town, the ways she and her honey navigate difficult conversations and manage their money… plus how she finds a balance between frugality and fun. I loved this mature and thoughtful conversation.

~ Monique Malcolm: I know many of you are grappling with the key themes Monique and I discussed. We talk about different ways to break through money ceilings as an entrepreneur (hint: I love hard work…but it doesn’t always have to BE hard work!). Then we delve into how Monique found herself in $35k worth of debt + how she halved debt that in just 6 months!! We talk about the EXACT moment she knew something had to change, the tools she used to organize her money, and the mindset shifts that had to happen. Valuable for everyone — whether you deal with debt or not.

~ Christopher Peck: Christopher is my own Financial Planner, and someone who is very frugal by nature. He shares why he doesn’t believe that you should just do what you’re passionate about and the money will come (you need to educate yourself about money too!), his best tips for the stock market, how to go about investing without compromising your values, and why he believes in living a simple life that isn’t just about money — but wealth on all levels (including family and health).

Stay tuned! Money Memoirs are heading your way soon.

The first Money Memoir will land in your inbox (free, with love) on Monday, January 13th.

I can’t wait to introduce you to these wonderful folks … and share their stories, grit, courage, and wisdom with you.

P.S. Oh yes, oh yes … The Art of Money 2020 opens for registration on Sunday, January 12th!

The Money Memoir Series is, in part, to celebrate the opening of my flagship program, The Art of Money. Because these conversations? Are the real, intimate, emotional, practical, soulful, transformative money conversations we have every year in The Art of Money

If you love ‘em and want to learn how to feel more confident, calm and empowered with your OWN money relationship in 2020, it might be your moment to join our global community.

You can join this round of the Art of Money journey soon, the day before the Money Memoirs begin!

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