Money Memoir – Tanya Geisler

written by Bari Tessler October 7, 2013

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Tanya is a Mama Bear, a beauty inside and out, and wise beyond wise. Oh — and she’s my brilliant coach! I love working with her and the huge shifts she’s supporting me through. She’s immensely loving, fiercely direct, and hilarious.

In this audio Money Memoir, Tanya talks about her parents relationship to money, the values they passed on, the challenges she witnessed and how she’s chosen her own financial priorities. This was the first Memoir where I asked my guest how she felt about talking about money — and I loved her thoughtful answer about how to navigate transparency and vulnerability, as well as her own intentions for opening up.

And, as I mentioned she also my coach, so it was a sweet role-reversal to hold space for her dear stories and wisdom. I loved it and I know you will really appreciate how honest and revealing she is in this Money Memoir. 

Press the play button below to listen in.

About Tanya

tanya_geisler_150Tanya Geisler is certified Life and Business Coach (CPCC, ACC) with a penchant for clarity. She’s coached hundreds of people who were ready to step into the starring roles of their lives.

She wrote The Joy Pages, created Board of Your Life and the Step into Your Starring Role program, is a blogger for the wildly popular The Daily Love, has served as contributor and was featured in Canadian Living, and is an in-demand speaker who talks with great passion on all things joy, meaning, and purpose (just try to stop her). She recently spoke about the Impostor Complex at TEDxWomen.

It is her indomitable belief that if everyone knew their own unique recipe for their personal brand of joy, they’d hold the key to shining in their life, in their work, and in their life’s work. It really does change everything.


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