How To Be Vulnerable And A Rockstar Mommypreneur?

written by Bari Tessler March 6, 2011
How To Be Vulnerable And A Rockstar Mommypreneur?

Dear Conscious Bookkeeping Community:

Here is the question I have been sitting with for the last few weeks:

How can I be Vulnerable…

And A Rock Star Mommypreneur?

At the same time.

While my family is sick?Bari Tessler

If you are friends with me on Facebook you may have seen that my whole family (Forest, Noah, and I) has been taking turns getting sick over the last 6 weeks. I know there are many strong flus and viruses going around. Some of you have also been sick, and I wish you all a quick healing.

It is a vulnerable time, and I am being as gentle with myself as possible. This gentleness is supporting me in learning a lot from this current experience as I’m doing my best to be in rest mode while also continuing to serve all of you. I’m writing now to share some of what I’ve been learning. So whether you are a mommy, an entrepreneur, both, or neither, see how these life lessons might apply to you. You might also see if there are other lessons on the same topic that you’d add to the list.With my dearest wishes,

Bari Tessler Linden

Featured Article: Life Lessons – How to Be Vulnerable & A Rock Star Mommypreneur~

Here is some of what i am learning:

1. That life and work is really cyclical.

It’s natural to have creative & productive phases followed by resting and restorative phases. Peaks and valleys. While I have known and experienced the truth of these cycles for many years, I am being reminded of it again. It is so important to allow and honor each phase of this natural rhythm. And after having an incredibly strong, inspired, and productive phase, in which I was able to put together my entire Home Study Program in just six months while also being a devoted mommy to my 2-year-old, I have moved into an essential resting and rejuvenation phase.

2. We can attempt to ignore this rest phase in life and in our businesses, but this is not a good idea.

We can pretend it doesn’t exist, or cover it up, or push through it. Eventually, though, this behavior, so entrenched in our culture, catches up with us and can make us sick–physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. So, it really is best to find a way to stay with our vulnerability, both personally and professional, and bring our honesty into all areas of our life, including our business community.

3. I am Grateful that I have finally created a program that can mostly run on its own.

My Home Study Program is very comprehensive and does not require tons of my time and attention to sustain it. Instead, it runs on a small but potent amount of energy from me. If creating a product that can stand on its own like this is something that you’ve had in mind, I suggest you consider getting it in place sooner than later (it took me 10 yrs!) 🙂 I am putting together a list of all of the resources that I needed to make my Home Study Program happen in the hopes that it can support a similar process for you if that’s appropriate. Stay tuned for this list!

4. It is time to bring on a little extra support in life and business.

One grandma just left to go back to Chicago, and we hope to fly the other grandma out from St. Louis very soon. Also, it’s time to reach out to our local community. It’s time to ask dear friends to come to our home- the ones without kids who want to take Noah for a “test drive” or simply just have some fun with him for a couple hours so mama and papa can get some down time! And, in my business, it’s time to get some further support and collaboration to help things keep running smoothly when I need a rest. Joshua Levin, my wonderful co-author & editor of the Home Study Program’s workbook will be stepping in as the “fabulous facilitator guy” in the online community forum to support the discussion that is starting to happen in there. People are posting their feelings, thoughts, questions, and suggestions. And one student just asked for an “accountability partner” to join her on the journey. How cool is that!

5. Getting input from my community can enhance my own knowing rather than distract me from it.

I recently posted on Facebook my request for parenting suggestions re: if it would be best to keep Noah home for a few weeks while he regained his strength instead of bringing him to his beloved school two days a week on my work days. Most people who know me even a little bit know that I can hold, honor, and be with the more vulnerable phases of life and work while also staying connected with a deep, strong, intuitive, and knowing place inside of me. I remember that in my 20’s this balance was very elusive. Now that I am in my 40’s, I have had more time to understand and cultivate the ability to do both at once. I It’s so sweet and nourishing for me receive support and guidance from my local and virtual communities. At the end of the day, no matter the number or diversity of voices, I am able to use all of it to help me connect with what’s true for me.

6. In moments like this, it is very clear- Family Health is the priority!

While there can be tension between tending to professional responsibilities and prioritizing family needs, there are times when it is very clear what the priority needs to be, and your community will understand! During the week when my son was in the hospital for a day, I canceled all of my classes, private clients, and appointments (except for one meeting that had been planned a month before). I felt clear about doing so, but it was still difficult, as I’m so committed to my business. The responses I got from my clients and students was very heartwarming. I got such great understanding and affirmation about making Noah’s health and comfort the priority.

7.  I can still show up to do my work at a very high level.

The following week, after my son was home and we were all resting, I kept most of my appointments. I met with some of my private Financial Therapy & Entrepreneurial Mentee clients and taught my very last live Level One Course. This was all done over the phone (and no one could see how tired I looked!). As long as I am making sure I am resting enough, receiving great acupuncture, staying with all of my feelings, and canceling or rescheduling what I need to, I can still step out and offer my deepest and highest work in service to my clients and students.

This is just a beginning to what I am learning during this time. I hope it inspires and supports you when you come to a similar phase of needing to both rest and serve at the same time. And, curious what you would add to this list…

One current student says:

“I so appreciate your home study program. It is bringing up a lot of stuff for me, but the container of safety and self-love you have created is so powerful. I am having to go slow, which seems very healthy. Thank YOU!”

About the Home Study Program:

More than 3,000 people have used the Conscious Bookkeeping Method to replace their old money stories and habits with refreshingly honest and reassuring new ones.

Now the same methods, materials, and practices my students have used to transform their relationships with money for more than ten years are available to all as a self-guided, step-by-step home study course.

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Testimonials from students:

Via a Fun Facebook Conversation:

KC: “Opera, warm fire,, and David by my side working on our Conscious Bookkeeping homework. Dreamy Sunday eve…”

Bari: “So happy you both have found out how romantic (& even sexy) the ConsciousBookkeeping journey can be! 🙂 So pleased and honored to have you both doing this work, knowing you both have such an incredible role & impact in this world~ May it continue to ripple out in beautiful & positive ways~”

KC: “Bari, we are LOVING your course and getting great value out of it already. The shifts that are happening, and the clarity and peace that are arising are priceless.” KC Baker:

David Hassell:

Wow, that sounds wonderful! I am ready to join the other Money Adventurers!

Take Care Everyone~

With my dearest wishes, Bari Tessler-Linden, M.A.

Financial Therapist, Coach, Mommypreneur & Founder of Conscious Bookkeeping~

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