When does the program start?

written by Ali Willoughbhy January 21, 2018

On February 1st, the community aspect of our program officially begins. Mark your calendar, because this is a big, beautiful day! This is when our private Facebook group opens, so you can connect with Bari, our team of TA’s, and a loving global community of kindred Money Explorers. Our community coaching calls will also begin in February, and a new Monthly Mission goes out on February 1st (as well and every month afterward).

We open the program for registration in October and January. When you sign up for the program during either of those registration periods, the program begins for YOU.

When you join during the January registration, you’ll instantly get full access to our beautiful private Members’ Area, where all of our course materials live: step-by-step coursework, teachings, worksheets, audio messages, interviews, and so much more. We’ll roll out this content in an easy-to-follow way throughout the year, so you don’t get overwhelmed. But if you’re raring to get started in January, you’ll have plenty of wonderful, introductory content available in January that we refer to as our “Preliminary Monthly Mission.”

When you join during the early-bird registration in October, you get immediate access to our private member area. There you will have access to our early-bird materials, which includes a (gentle) Kickstarter Call, that is recorded, along with material and handouts to help you get started. You will also get access to our library which has many interviews and resources that we have been collecting and creating for 16+ years. You will also receive supportive love-note emails from November – December to help you take some baby steps.

So, you see, as soon as you sign up, you will get access to the private member area and the program begins, for you … but the community aspects of the program kick off on February 1st.