What format is the content delivered in?

written by Ali Willoughbhy February 5, 2019

The program content is delivered in audio and written format through the members area and via conference call (audio) for the live community calls with Bari.

All of our sample content for Art of Money is also in written and audio format as well as all of our blog content/podcast content. There are a few video interviews from over the years, although 95% of the content is delivered in audio and written formats.

We know that people have different learning styles and this is what works best for us at this time. We will not be adding visuals, such as powerpoint presentations to any of our content because this is not in alignment with Bari’s teaching style. We have found that students who are visual learners typically like to get a journal and draw, illustrate or make notes while listening to the audios.

We have been curating these materials for many years now and when we have a solid piece, we keep it. Every year we review the material, update some, delete others and create new content.