What if I want to share this program with my roommate/business partner/daughter/best friend? Can we use the couples pricing?

written by Bari Tessler January 21, 2018

With love: no. The couples pricing is only for people in an intimate love relationship.
We know that the other relationships in your life might involve a lot of “money stuff.” Whether it’s a mother-daughter relationship, a close friend, or a business partner, you might find yourself talking about money quite a bit — or needing to but not knowing how.

But we do not extend the couples pricing to this myriad of other relationships, no matter how close they may be or financially relevant they may be.

You see, couples have a shared money journey in a specific way that business partners, friends, and family members don’t. There’s support, resources, and education for this within the Art of Money program that allows us to offer pricing for this particular relationship — but not for other relationships.

In our time offering this work we’ve learned that when people don’t pay for the program, they’re actually far less likely to get a lot out of it. And we want everyone in our community to show up and benefit as much as possible from the Art of Money experience. So our firm boundary around sharing this material isn’t about stinginess — it’s actually about love.
We’re doing everything we can to make The Art of Money accessible to a wide community. That’s why we lowered the price when we turned this into a year-long program … and we haven’t increased the price in seven years.

When you do your own money work, you’ll find the benefits rippling throughout many areas of your life. Plus, you’ll get support around conscious communication, entrepreneurship, and beyond in the Art of Money to help you with these other relationships.

We’re so happy that you’re excited to share this with others in your life! We love it when friends and family join the program at the same time. This work is so rare and against the grain, we can use as many close allies as we can get. We hope you’ll send the program page their way … and we trust that anyone who’s ready for this work will sign up.