Is this self-paced, or are there weekly calls? How does this all work?

written by Bari Tessler January 30, 2018

The Art of Money is mostly self-directed, so you can go at your own pace, selecting which pieces speak to you (and which you have time to do!). But there are also many community components to the program, which many people find invaluable to their experience.

All of the Art of Money content is organized in a private online member area, which you’ll get access to as soon as you sign up for the program. Once you get there, you’ll find a “How to Use this Program Manual” along with a video tutorial to help you navigate the private members area.

There’s a very clear framework to the program. We move through the 3 main phases of the Art of Money methodology: Money Healing, Money Practices, and Money Maps, spending 3 months in each phase.

On the first of each month, you’ll receive an email letting you know that the new content — the Monthly Mission — is live in the private members area. This includes all of the guest teacher interviews (mostly audio), audio teachings from Bari, worksheets, articles, and resources for that month’s theme. There’s also a large library of additional interviews and resources that you can access whenever you’re ready.

Keep in mind: once a Monthly Mission is unlocked, you can always go back to it anytime you like: later in the year OR years to come (remember: you have access to ALL of these materials for the lifetime of the program!).

You’ll also receive Weekly Love Notes (via email) every Friday to keep you inspired and help you take next steps. So, you’ll hear from us via email weekly and monthly, keeping you engaged with the program’s framework.

Within that framework, you’re completely free to engage with the material at your own pace, in ways that work for you. It’s up to you to find the best time to listen to the Guest Teacher interviews, for example, and to complete the exercises for that month’s Monthly Mission.

Some people love to complete every single exercise and listen to every single Guest Teacher interview. But most people pick and choose which pieces of content speak most to them. You’ll find loads of support within the program for helping you make this experience work for YOU: encouraging you to go at your own rhythm.

There is also a group coaching call with Bari (and your fellow Art of Moneyers) once a month. You’ll find the schedule of these calls within the program (and get reminder emails). You can participate LIVE via phone or web browser. Since we have folks participating from all around the world, not everyone will be able to make every call live, and that’s OK. We record all of these calls, so you can listen whenever works for you. We also make it easy for you to submit questions anonymously ahead of time.

We also have a private, super secret Art of Money Facebook community. This is where you can really connect with other Art of Moneyers (whenever suits you), ask for advice relating to the material, be witnessed in your journey, and get support. Bari is active here, as are the four Transformation Assistants. The TA’s provide support here within the group setting, NOT one-on-one. That’s so the whole group can benefit from everyone’s questions and answers.

So, there are many different components to The Art of Money, and you can choose which parts are best for you. Overall, the program is mostly self-paced. We deliver content each month in the private Members’ Area, Weekly Love Notes via email, a Facebook community you can access whenever you like, and a monthly group coaching call you can attend live or listen to whenever works for you.