It seems odd to me to spend money on my relationship to money. Any suggestions for how to make this decision?

written by Bari Tessler January 21, 2018

How astute and thoughtful of you. When facing any money decision, I recommend considering five main factors:

The Numbers: Do you know if you have enough money right now to make this purchase (this program will help you if you’re afraid to look at your numbers)? Also, brainstorm ways to create $88/month in your life (a few lattes here, scaling back there – it could be more possible than you think).

The Timing: Do you need this right now? Is your relationship to money calling (or screaming) to you? Have you been asking for this kind of support?

The Value: Is this valuable to you? If so, how valuable? Are you willing to spend your money to reflect this value?

The Cost: How much is it costing you to NOT give yourself this work? How is not doing this work hurting you or your relationships?

The Intention: Is this a self-loving decision? Are you ready to receive the value of this investment?

If you’re prepared to gently, lovingly hold yourself accountable for receiving the value of this investment …
If you feel empowered, trusting, and loving towards yourself in making this investment …
If you’re prepared to invest not only your money, but your mind, your heart, your time, and your consciousness, as well …

Then everything is aligned for you to receive a powerful return on your investment.

So: Take a deep breath. Check in with yourself. Look at your numbers. Consider the timing. Weigh the value. Reflect on your intentions. Is this your time? Only you can know!