Do you offer scholarships for the program?

written by Bari Tessler January 21, 2018

We’ve thought long and hard about this behind the scenes and we don’t offer scholarships (full or partial) at this time.

We’ve found that it is truly challenging to assess the real need behind a scholarship because being able to “afford” something can be very relative based on what we value or how we feel.

We’ve also learned that when people don’t pay for this work, they’re actually far less likely to get a lot out of it. People tend to get the most out of the program when they invest in it, emotionally and financially. And we want everyone in our community to benefit as much as possible from the Art of Money experience!

It’s also important to clarify that we have kept the price point of the year-long Art of Money course the same for 7 years and have not increased it. (Please see “Why I’m NOT raising the cost of the Art of Money – and proud of it.” for more on this.) We feel we are doing our best to keep the program as reasonably priced and accessible for the most amount of people in our community. And, we get this is truly all relative.

If you feel that $88.00 per month is not possible for you, we now have our beautiful book available by a similar name, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness and loads of free content on our site via our blog articles and our 7 day free mini Art of Money course. And, if you need a small support group, please set up a bookclub using our Art of Money bookclub guide, right here.