How many people will be in the Art of Money?

written by Ali Willoughbhy January 21, 2018

The truth is, we’re not sure yet! We won’t know until we close registration.

In our inaugural year, we welcomed 320 people from around the world. In 2018, we had 500+ community members. Our community gets a little bigger each year. 2019 will be the seventh year of The Art of Money, and we’re expecting our biggest, most diverse group, yet. But don’t fret: we’ve beefed up our support team to make sure you get the cheerleading and guidance and handholding you deserve!

Our mission is to create a global conscious money movement. So our community will be rich, diverse, and wide — and I’ve made sure there will be enough love & support to go around.

In addition to guidance from Bari (that’s me!), we have a wonderful team of TA’s (Transformation Assistants!). I’ve hand-picked these wise ones to help me hold and guide this journey, and offer this community their invaluable support, guidance, and help.

We trust 100% that the constellation of this group will be perfect, and have lovingly designed and refined and re-refined this program to welcome and support a large number.

This is not a small, intimate mastermind group (and we’ve priced it to reflect that). I taught very small group formats for years, and I love the deep work that can happen there! But when we opened the Art of Money program (a new teaching format, a new price point, a new experience), we intentionally grew our community. We want this work to be more affordable and accessible for a much more diverse group of people.

I still love creating an intimate, nurturing loving environment — and we think we’ve found an elegant way to offer that experience within a large community through this program. We’re committed to every member of this community: if you show up, your questions will be answered and your process will be witnessed.

One amazing way to get heard and held throughout this year is in our private Facebook group. I have been utterly blown away by the community conversations in the Facebook groups for previous years. Utterly. Blown. Away. Plus, our TA’s (remember: there are FIVE incredible Transformation Assistants) will keep close tabs on the Facebook community, chiming in with resources and guidance for you. Most of all, I’m incredibly active in the Facebook group. Yes: you’ll see my smiling face in there all the time, cheering you on!

Remember: you can email your questions prior to group coaching calls, you can speak during calls, and you can post in the private Facebook group any time. I’m excited to be your guide, and I also know that so much of your learning will happen through each other.

That said, The Art of Money is a group program, not Private Financial Therapy.

If you want to dig into your process while receiving my undivided attention, you may consider private Financial Therapy with me.

I will be offering 1 – 2 private Financial Therapy sessions to members of The Art of Money in 2019. This is NOT included in the price of The Art of Money (it’s an optional addition). I have very few spots available for private Financial Therapy, and Art of Money students will get first dibs. So, if you’re interested in private Financial Therapy with me in 2019, your best bet is to join The Art of Money 2019.