I hate Facebook. Not gonna do it. Does this mean The Art of Money isn’t for me?

written by Bari Tessler January 21, 2018

Absolutely not! While we make every effort to keep our Facebook community private and secure, we understand that some people will choose not to participate there. It’s OK! You can still receive and achieve a tremendous amount from the program, even without the part of community feature.

  • You’ll still get all of the teachings, content, emails, recordings, and more (an exceptional amount of material!!), held in a private member area that you can access on your own schedule (no Facebook required).
  • You’ll still get our Weekly Love notes delivered to your inbox, which inspire a supportive and community feel.
  • You’ll still be able to engage with the community in our monthly Q&A calls (with Bari).
  • You’ll still be able to email me (and my team) any questions you have.

The community participation in the Facebook group feels essential for some people — but it’s not for everyone. Some of you crave community; others want to do this work more on their own. If engaging in the Facebook community doesn’t feel important to you, you’ll still receive a tremendous amount of value from the program — if you show up for yourself.

Some folks like to join the Facebook group, but simply sit back and watch what others have to share. Some like to keep to themselves for a bit, at first — watch, listen, and learn from the community — and then decide to chime in more and more. Some people say “heck, no” to the Facebook group at first, but end up choosing to join down the road. Others create a Facebook account just for the Art of Money program. You’re welcome to join the Facebook group or not, participate or not — it’s truly up to you!

It comes down to this: you need to show up in the best way for you. And nobody can know what that is better than you. We completely understand that. And we welcome a wide range of participation styles. As long as you know you’re showing up fully — in the way that works best for you — you’ll progress beautifully.