I don’t live in the US. Will this program support me as an international member of the community?

written by Bari Tessler January 21, 2018

We welcome international students! This community will have students from all over the world –in 2014, we had students in 17 countries, and in 2015 we had 370 students from 24 countries!— and we love the diversity and fresh perspectives this brings to us all!

95% of the material is “international-friendly,” if you will. The only pieces that might be irrelevant, or need tweaking for you are as follows: We will be covering some bookkeeeping/tracking systems that are only offered in the US, and we’ll also be covering some tax subjects that will not be relevant. That’s it! Know that we will also provide resources for tracking systems you can use in your country — and will make every effort to support you in this way. We’ll do some research for you, and make sure you have what you need.