What if I can’t make it to one/some/all of the community coaching calls?

written by Ali Willoughbhy January 21, 2018

We’re welcoming people from all over the world, with diverse schedules, lifestyles, and working hours for this program — and we’re doing everything we can to make it easy and convenient for everyone to participate. So, we’re alternating the days and times for our calls: some will be during the day, others will be in the evenings.

We’d love for you to make every single call, but you truly don’t need to be there live to enjoy amazing transformative work.

If you can’t make the calls, don’t fret! We’ll be recording every single call; they are yours to keep forever. ALL of the recordings are downloadable so you can enjoy them while you are exercising, driving in the car, while nursing your child, etc. And you’ll always have the opportunity to email questions for Bari and the guest teachers if you won’t be there live. Even if you’re not on the call, you won’t miss a beat. We’re here for you — no matter where (or when!) in the world you are.