Bari, I love you. How much Bari-time will I get?

written by Bari Tessler January 21, 2018

I love you, too! I want you to know: The Art of Money gets tons of my love and attention. If you need me, I’m here — within reason and time limitations. And if you show up and ask for help, you’ll get it, in droves.

You have direct access to me in our live, 2-hour group coaching calls every single month. That’s your chance to raise your hand and get live support and laser coaching from me. If you have a question and are too shy to ask live on the group coaching call (or won’t be able to make it live), email me beforehand and I’ll do my best to answer it on the call. I’ll read your question without sharing your name (so it’s anonymous).

I’m also extremely active in our private Facebook group. If you need some quick tips or support — or just want to share your latest triumph! — post there. I’m very active there, but so are our wonderful team of TA’s.

While I’m the main guide, you also have access to my hand-picked team of phenomenal Transformation Assistants. I trust and love them — and have trained them on supporting you. They’re very active behind-the-scenes, via email, and in our Facebook group, and will offer you their own insightful, loving guidance.